Driftmoon Previews and videos


If you've been waiting for a spoken version of Driftmoon, you can get a long way with this video by Ubulunikum where he plays the start of the game and introduces some of the game's features. It may be a bit long winded, but it's got a lot of detailed commentary, and from what I gather he seems to like the game. Also MentGaming have put together a somewhat shorter and quicker video for the beginning of Driftmoon (without commentary) a few weeks back.

Next up is a Mexican site TierraGamer who give the game a hearty 9/10. I especially love the part where they demand more music. Which reminds me that you can satiate your music requirements with the Driftmoon soundtrack with over 27 tracks (28 to be exact!) by our friend, the excellent composer Gareth Meek. All of the income from the soundtrack goes directly to Gareth.

RPGFrance also had a chance to preview Driftmoon. They were hoping to try out a translated version, but since we don't have a French version of Driftmoon (not yet anyway ), they settled for the English one. Unfortunately they didn't speak enough English to fully appreciate the story or humour of the game, as they themselves said... They were particularly excited about the modding capabilities of the game, and as I've seen glimpses of a few of the upcoming mods, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with them. RPGFrance also interviewed us, you can scroll down to see the interview in English.

I've already mentioned this earlier, here is the preview by LazyAssGamer, also giving the game a 9/10. I believe this is the one that gives you the most detailed idea of the game, so if you haven't read it yet, it's worth reading.

Of course, none of this will give you as good an idea of Driftmoon, as trying out the game for yourself! We do have a demo now, remember (with at least 1 to 2 hours worth of game-time). So, if you haven't done so yet, go ahead and give Driftmoon a spin!

Ps. If you know of some other previews of videos for Driftmoon, you're welcome to link them in the comments.

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