Update 0.841


As you can see from the (rough prototype) image above, we've already started work with the new levels we so carefully planned, and the work is going well! Since you can't make a docks type level without having a few piers and bridges, I took the opportunity to add some new features to make them work. In addition to the improved floor lighting, we can now have bridges! All you need to make a bridge/stair/platform is click one little button in the editor.

Game Changelog

  • Moving items on top of objects such as tables is now more precise.
  • Shop inventories now show all similar items grouped into one, even items on display.
  • Talents level requirements now match the text.
  • The sundial is now very precise.

Modding Changelog

  • You can now define a terrain object as a bridge. Bots and objects stay on top of the bridge. Objects on the bridge won't be affected by water physics, so they can really be used to cross rivers, just make sure to have railings to prevent the player from falling into the water. The effect can also be used for stairs, raised platforms, piers, your imagination is the limit!
  • You can now make terrain object use polygon subdivision. This makes them look better with lights inside them, which is useful if the terrain is a floor.
  • If a bot is attacking an enemy, and their relations are mended (through changeSide perhaps), they will stop the fight.
  • The preventtalking script now only prevents the player from initating a conversation.
  • Joints between the player and companions are now saved between map changes.
  • You can now fine tune vertex positions as numbers.
  • New script action: setPlayerReplySpoken, can make a player reply greyed out.
  • New script action: unWieldAllItems
  • New script actions: setAngle and changeAngle. See the sundial on how they can be used to make a clock.

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