Update 0.843


This is a minor update for everyone who has requested the text speed changing feature. Previously it wasn't possible to change the reading speed, so the floating texts were tuned for slow readers, but having texts floating around after you've read them can be irritating. That's why you can now easily set your reading speed in the options. In theory you can also train your own reading speed by setting a value just above what you can usually read. See how soon you can start using that 400 words per minute setting.

Right now we're working hard on thinking up all the conversations for the Nomon Docks map, which means it'll be finished soon! There are a few more areas left to complete after that, but not too many now - and we're apparently picking up speed.

Game Changelog

  • The reading speed of the ingame texts can be changed in the ingame options. The default has been increased from 100 words per minute to 125.

Modding Changelog

  • Script action to stop rotation.
  • Script action to force movement along an axis specified in degrees. The main game uses it for pushable boxes on tracks, but it could work wonders for pretty interesting enemy types.

Ps. I trust you've already noticed the brand new portrait for Annie. This is one of the first portraits made by our new graphics talent Johanna Sundström. See if you can spot the other new portraits in the game! I'll tell you more about them (and Johanna herself) soon.

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