Driftmoon Alpha - Nomon Docks!


The new Driftmoon alpha is now downloadable! If you haven't preordered yet, this is a great time to support the development of a unique indie roleplaying game! If you'd rather wait until Driftmoon is ready, you can always sign up to be notified when the game is released.

Welcome to Nomon Docks! Nomon is the new major area available with the new version, where you will find the Steam Whale Company. You get to meet Sarah, Seria, and many others, including Eelie the incredibly shy Zap-Eel. My own favourite is Captain Catdog, who is always ready with a new exclamation. Skinny sumowhales! Loopy lowlife Lobsters! Just watch out when he sneezes.

So if you haven't tried Driftmoon yet, try out our long, free demo!

If you've already played through the previous alpha, you can load your last saved game, and head straight on to Nomon Docks. But if you definitely want to catch every new little thing in the beginning of the adventure (and make sure your character is developed to the max), you're naturally free to start from the beginning as well.

Modding Changelog

  • Negating a script condition now helpfully shows the negated effect. For example negating the condition "itemCountIsLess" now makes it "itemCountIsEqualOrMore".
  • Race variable affectedByDifficulty affects whether a particular race of bots is affected by the selected player difficulty level.
  • SetVariable, MultiplyVariable, and AddToVariable calls now handle health correctly. A bot can be killed by using the calls, and the health is capped at the maximum for each bot.
  • Roof type objects can now have an alpha value.
  • The alpha setting in the editor is now a multiplier used on top of the scripted alpha fades.
  • Object texture size setting now affects wall edges if they don't have a top layer.
  • Script action: setPortrait. Useful for changing portraits within dialogue.

Coming soon: The Lost Island of Eione! Meet the horrible undead man!

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