Improved Minimaps


The minimaps in Driftmoon are very useful, but up until now they've been a bit on the blurry side. Since I wanted to re-render all of the game's minimaps before release, I decided that now is a good time to see what I can do about increasing map details.

At first I thought about using a bigger texture, going from size 1024 to 2048, but then I realized something. Most of our minimaps have quite a bit of black in them, because the available world size is much bigger than what is actually used by the map. So why not use that black space to improve precision? Here's a comparison. Quite a bit more detail in it, right?

Modders can activate the new functionality through the map settings dialog, just click the "Fit minimap to borders" button, and from thereon, the minimap renderer will fit the minimap to the map borders you've defined. Just remember, if you change the map border locations, you'll also need to re-render the minimap.

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