Official release date ...and!


If you've been holding your breath, waiting for this announcement, you can finally inhale (we can only hope you've survived the long wait with minimal damage): The worldwide release date for Driftmoon is now officially set for the 26th of February, 2013!

[Roaring applause, the crowd rises to its feet, and whistling fills the air.] Wow, thanks! Glad to hear you're almost as excited as we are!

A new addition - The shortest bridge on Driftmoon, Northrop's major tourist attraction.

Other good news: Starting from release, Driftmoon will be available through an awesome gaming site called! In accordance to the principles, a copy of Driftmoon that you buy there will be completely DRM-free: You won't have to license the game, and you won't even have to enable our amazing mod-list unless you want to (but obviously we do recommend enabling the mod list, to get access to all our cool mods, and all the hundreds more to come). As an additional bonus, our composer Gareth Meek has agreed to provide 6 of his original compositions for all Driftmoon -buyers from

Velvet has cleverly decided that the sliding storage room is no place for a respectable panther queen.

As before, it will always be possible to buy Driftmoon directly from us as well as Desura and Gamersgate... And we should also have another distributor to tell you about soon.

We've got Beyes everywhere! ...Just kidding, only at the Fortress of Mors-Sarmeth.

Ps. Any amazing trailer ideas? A new trailer is next on our to-do list, so we're all ears...

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