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It's review time again!

We just got word of a brand new review of Driftmoon, and thought we'd share it with you. Reading the review made the two of us very happy, because the reviewer had had such an awesome time with Driftmoon. By his request we also let him try out our upcoming version with the tilting camera angle (which, by the way, is currently undergoing beta testing!

Captain Sarah has done some redecorating...

The review at kelevandos.blogspot.com is originally in Polish, but the reviewer kindly sent us an English translation of the summary and the final table of his review. Here it is:

"While the release of Driftmoon is still almost a month away, I am already sure that it will be a great, unique game. For me there is no element of this little beauty that I would not like and it is really hard to find a flaw. Some time ago I could have written that the camera angle could not appeal to everybody, but Instant Kingdom changed even this, asked by the players. So I honestly recommend Driftmoon to every RPG fan and every player in general. The game is solid, full of interesting content and provides a huge amount of fun. I promise you will not be disappointed!"


  • Really solid RPG
  • Interesting story
  • Interesting characters
  • The physics engine provides a lot of fun
  • Lots of great ideas!
  • Quite a unique camera angle
  • A real gem!


  • None. Really, nothing here to criticize!

By the way, there is a little Driftmoon-related contest running at the kelevandos facebook page at least up until today (the 6th), so it might be worth checking out (you may have a chance to win yourself a copy of Driftmoon).

Ps. If someone with a lot of time on their hands for the next few days is extra-interested in joining our magnificent beta group, please send us an email!

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