Version 1.010


You may have noticed that Driftmoon has received quite a few updates during the last week. We've managed to squash plenty of rare, but troublesome bugs that we weren't able to catch during beta testing. Don't forget, if you encounter bugs during gameplay, send us feedback by pressing F during the game. We've sent the update to all distributors yesterday, and you should be getting it soon.

Game Changelog

  • Fixed the quest log button.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Mod installer can now properly handle mods where files have been removed from the mod.
  • Added an option to disable some graphics effects to make the game run faster.
  • Text in the dialogue screen will now stay within the screen on very low resolutions even if the text size has been set high.
  • Fixed infinite Ticker Mark 2's.
  • Arrows no longer bounce from your companion's Mirror Shield.
  • William will no longer vanish if you try to run from him before talking to him in the crypt.
  • Fixed Feagle sometimes forgetting to drop you the message on Bobby's Island.
  • Fixed crash when the game was unable to read an audio file.

Modding Changelog

  • It's possible to use the old lighting system in a mod by specifying useOldLightSystemByDefault=false in settings.ini.
  • Fixed the object export/import system.
  • It's now possible to use subfolders when saving a map.
  • The mod zipping tool will now helpfully recreate the installed.txt file in your mod if you've managed to remove it.
  • Script action: setVariableRandom.

Ps. Driftmoon has been off to a great start! We're absolutely thrilled about the reception! Thank you so much for all those wonderful feedback messages you've sent us!

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