Thumbs up for the Game of the Month!


This is too cool not to mention: Driftmoon was picked out as PC/Mac game of the Month (March 2013) by Would you know it, we beat Simcity!

In other news, David Hayward of seemed to really enjoy the time he spent reviewing Driftmoon. AND David certainly knows what he's talking about, because he's spent over 30 hours with the game, diving deep into the depths of the background lore of Driftmoon, and finding the treasures hiding away in every nook and cranny.

And have you ever seen a Big Green Thumb as fine as the one below? You have? Oh. Well, we're still very proud of our very own official staff recommendation that Driftmoon was awarded with in the review of the Finnish gaming site! (in Finnish)

Driftmoon's very own Big Green Thumb

Any Polish readers out there? Here's a new Polish review of Driftmoon at (in Polish)

Oh, almost forgot! Don't forget to make use of our Grand Birthday Sale, which will go on until the end of April. We'd be extra grateful if you were to help us spread the word, and told your friends about Driftmoon - and the sale. Thanks in advance!

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