Driftmoon 1.016


Here comes a small bugfix update, special thanks to Ryman! This update fixes one of the rarest, but most disappointing bugs I've ever encountered.

My first indication was that one or two players stated that the game was spectacular, but the end was kind of disappointing. We actually tried to ask further about that, but unfortunately didn't get any meaningful answer about it, so we just assumed that it's not possible to make everyone happy. But finally today I got a feedback from someone who saw the problem - the game was completely freezing for him just before the actual ending and all the cool bits. Fortunately the bug was very rare, but we wanted to fix the problem right away. If you were affected by a peculiarly abrupt ending, all you have to do is update, and load a save from before entering the last area.

  • Fixed getting stuck in the game's very end.
  • Fixed error on Eione with the player being named Robert.
  • Fixed error with player's companions still avoiding the wall of fire in Eldar's Tomb even after it had vanished.

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