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Mods for Driftmoon

Kamani (guest) 7 years ago
It is a shame not to see any new mods for Driftmoon. I would make one, but I am REALLY not good at it. I loved Driftmoon, and some new stuff to do in it would be great.

As a sidenote, a second Driftmoon game would be great too.
Seros Senric (guest) 7 years ago
Since I recently reinstalled Driftmoon to play through it again, I agree that more mods would be nice.
Especially (for me) some 'Total Conversion' mods which are basically new short games.

Maybe I'll try to attempt one, but 1) I probably won't have time, and 2) I doubt I'll be very good at it.
Forum » Mods for Driftmoon

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