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Silver feathers

DarthNihilus 9 years ago
My first game run. Found 97 Silver feathers. I wonder if there's a hardcoded amount or not? Anyone more?
ville 9 years ago
That's a very respectable amount! There are about 105 or so, the exact amount is lost to even me. But this guide has most of them.
Dolphin7 11 months ago
How do I activate the Silver Feather counter? I had to reinstall the game and the counter doesn't show up on the map page anymore.
ville 11 months ago
If you're using the Steam or GOG version, the Mystery Box rewards should be restored as soon as you start the game with the Steam/GOG client running. If you're using a DRM-free version, you can save and restore your Mystery box contents through the box (the button in the upper left corner of the box). In that case you've probably out of luck, because you would have had to save the box beforehand and retain the code that it gives.
Forum » Silver feathers

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