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Wazzal not working :(

Megagun 21 years ago
wazzal isnt working (on my p2 233 MHZ comp, with a "Trident video Accelerator 3d Image975" card)
i tried on 640 X 400 X 16 with Software Emulation (wasnt able to use Hardware, because it wasnt in the dropdown list), it did take a looong time for it to go to the main screen, but all buttons were gone (the "new game" ones, ETC)....
can someone help me? thanks!

ps: this is a great game (i tried it on my other comp and really liked it )
Foranamo 21 years ago
Maybe the buttons didn't fit the window... It is sure that Wazzal works the best on Geforce (I think). Maybe it could work if u try to update your 3d-card drivers... I dunno...
ville 21 years ago
Wazzal doesn't support the software emulation mode at all. If your 3d-adapter isn't in the dropdown list, then the game was unable to find it. I've been trying to find out what is causing this, but currently there is no solution.

But likely the cause to the problem in this specific case is that your 3d-card doesn't have all the functionality needed by the game.
God of Nothing 19 years ago
Try download it again (so far all the games work on my Gforce 4 card)
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