The Red Cross


This is something we've been planning for a long time, and now we've finally gotten around to doing it. We've decided to donate a significant part of the income from Driftmoon to charity, namely the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

We've been hoping Driftmoon will be a game that'll bring its players joy and enjoyment, and it's been great to notice we haven't been completely on the wrong tracks with that. But to face the facts, one can't really do much for the people of the world who are in the most desperate need of help, through a computer game (not even an unbelievably enjoyable one ). We'd still like to make some small positive difference in the world, and as much as we value our customers, we consider every human life important, not just the ones lucky enough to play Driftmoon.

We don't really have a realistic possibility to travel around the world, physically helping the people most in need (and I'm not sure we'd even have the courage and skills to do just that), but luckily there are lots of more courageous people who keep busy organizing such extremely important things. So for our little game-developing family, cutting down our own profits for a good cause felt like the best way for us to do our share. After all, if we were the ones in need, we'd certainly be glad for a little help.

Why the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund? From the comfort of our home studio, it's sometimes easy to forget how much devastation war, famine and catastrophic disasters constantly bring to millions of lives all around the world. Those are the kind of situations where a single meal may mean all the difference, where a single dollar can have a huge effect. So, from now on, every time a new person embarks on a journey to save the magical world of Driftmoon, they're also making a difference in our real-life world.

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