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Music Masterpiece

somename (guest) 4 years ago
just want to mention this masterpiece :

It never get away from my head once I heard it 15 years ago.

I posted it to my friends who played Wazzal like 10 years ago last time and they immediately recognize it and says "Oh my god, now I will have it again in my head" .
ville 4 years ago
Thank you! That was definitely the better one of the two soundtracks.

I've always been a huge fan of Star Control II, so I tried to imitate some of my favourite songs from that classic game. I actually went as far as trying to find similar samples, I remember it took me ages. Relistening to this some 15 years after I made it, I think it would be perfect for the modern mobile games that have music that is as disturbing and repetitive as possible, it's definitely memorable.
MageKing17 4 years ago
Oh yeah, those SC2 samples are really recognizeable. If I just heard it without the title I might've confused it for something off the SC2 soundtrack, in fact.
CraigMet 4 years ago
Such a cool piece... I just know I'll have this stuck in my head for a while. Great stuff, Ville!
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