A new beginning


Recently I talked about choosing a better plot for the beginning of the game. If you want to keep the beginning a surprise, don't read any further.

So far my idea is this:

  • The player and his brother Robert are smiths working on an indestructible blackrock golem by the order of some unknown client.
  • This unknown person knocks on the door, inspects the work and leaves.
  • The Necromancer comes to the smithy. He zaps Robert dead and freezes the player. He makes Robert a skeleton in his army.
  • The Necromancer removes the player's soul, and makes him into his mindless right hand.
  • The Necromancer tells the player to divide the golem into 7 parts and hide them so nobody can gather them.
  • Fade out. Fast forward some decades.
  • Fade in, the Healer Samuel is asking how you feel.
  • Samuel tells that you came in terribly wounded, and he has tended to you for months.
  • He has found a letter in your belongings ordering you to destroy the town of Asrald.
  • You have no memory of anything he tells you, except of the encounter with the Necromancer.
  • Samuel suggests to find Paul who has researched the Necromancer's magics.
  • Paul suggests that you have lost parts of yourself by wronging others in the service of the Necromancer, and that you may get these parts back by righting the wrongs.
  • Throughout the game you will meet many people who have known you while you were serving the Necromancer. You have an option to set things right with them to gain back parts of your soul. Doing this may gain you skills and experience.
  • Paul says that nothing can destroy the Necromancer, but that it was once tried by building a golem out of blackrock.
  • What dark deeds have you done in the Necromancer's service? How can you gather the golem pieces to destroy the Necromancer?
This is just the first part. I have plenty of plot twists thought up but I won't be revealing those just yet. I'm open to suggestions if you have any. Any obvious cliches? A good plot is arguably one of the most important parts of any good RPG, so I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts.

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