Stop the rain!


Get yourself the new Driftmoon Roof from Ville Corp! A couple of days ago I found myself building a house, and soon I thought that something was missing. At first I spent a couple of hours building a dungeon with fiery lava underneath our house, but fortunately Anne pointed out that it was the roof that was missing. And here it is now!

We've added a couple of nice features for modders. First of all the sun adds shadows behind walls now. You know the shadows are not the sharpest out there, but creating your own sun dial is now technically possible.

Another addition is the roof setting for all terrain objects. Setting that means that it will create a permanent sun shadow under it, it will be lighted by the sun only (your torch won't light the ceiling), and the terrain will activate the see through effect. Going under any terrain set as roof will trigger all roofs to fade out, so we can create our roofs from different pieces. I used three objects to create the sample. Roofs can be anything, so adding see through pergolas and glass panes should be possible.

Additionally I've added the height setting for vertices. Now we can change the height of any vertex in a polygon. Basically it means your tables or floors don't have to be level anymore. I'm pretty sure someone will think of some ingenious use for this, but so far I've only used it for the slope in the roof.

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