Irrlicht removal progress: part 2


It's been slow replacing the whole graphics engine, but I'm nearly finished now. I've found dozens of additional bugs in the process, so everything will be running even more smoothly in the future. Plus the rendering speed is now a bit faster in several key areas, particle rendering and floor rendering in particular.

Sadly I couldn't find a good alternative for the text box used in Irrlicht. I resorted to using the default DirectX text box, which doesn't have multi-lining - I'm going to have to come up with some ideas for the conversation editor which was the only place where multi-line editing is a requirement.

Oh, and I don't remember showing you this fancy automatic shadow system I implemented! It's an on/off toggle button in each object's graphics edit screen, it renders the same sprites in transparent black.

Since working on the low level code is so boring I've been thinking about the actual world and the framework for the gameplay. Anne says I've got to sleep today, so I'll talk about that next time.

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