What's Driftmoon?


Did I mention this awesome game we're making? I guess I must have talked about it a few times. I updated the Driftmoon page with new screenshots, so have a look! To those who have missed those rare occasions, here's a recap:

Driftmoon is an adventure-oriented RPG, with focus on storytelling, exploring and quests. Driftmoon takes up roleplaying from the days when dialogue and plot mattered, and grinding wasn’t the main point. In Driftmoon there are always plenty of things to find and people to meet, and instead of killing all of your enemies, you can sometimes talk your way through.


  • Filled with personality, wit and goodwill!
  • Explore the dungeons, wilderness and villages of Driftmoon, you never know what you might discover!
  • Driftmoon isn’t an action RPG – you don’t kill creature after creature and collect a ton of loot. You don’t need to have catlike reflexes to be able to control the character. In Driftmoon you talk with the people you meet. You may make new friends, you may find quests to solve, or you may encounter a hostile cultist of Ixal.
  • Driftmoon comes with the full editor tools used to create the game. We have our own easy scripting language, a great level editor, animation tools, the complete set!
  • You can drag things around!
  • Memorable and melodic music by the talented Gareth Meek.

PS. Something cool is happening in a week or two. AND if you haven't done it yet, you might want to order our newsletter.

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