Driftmoon Alpha 2


We want to thank all of our preorderers, and all those who have given us feedback - we value it greatly! I've just released the second version of our alpha build. Preorderers can access it on the secret download page. This release is mostly fixes and small features.

Changes in this version include the following (plus a few small things not mentioned here):

  • New mountain wall / water edge physics. This fixes the bug where the spiders might walk over the mountains.
  • Allow zooming in/out with the mouse wheel.
  • Fix crash that happened if you had killed the leader spider but not the other, then saved and loaded.
  • Followers will now follow in a formation.
  • Changed text rendering method to work on a wider variety of platforms. Thanks Luminon!
  • Tested to run on¬†Linux through¬†Wine. Thanks lindquist and unsfa!
  • Scroll bars can be adjusted even if the mouse gets out of the bar area.
  • Dialogue text is better lined on wide displays.
  • Autosave on entering a map, and every 10 minutes.
  • Quicksaving. F12 to save, F8 to load.
  • Dragging objects should be about as powerful as pushing them by walking.
  • Fixed skill saving, the Whirlwind skill was not saved. Thanks Iivo!
  • Quick keys for weapon skills: F1-F7
  • Combined quick slots with main inventory. Quickslot items in saved games will be moved (if you continue from a save made with the older version).
  • The inventory now has a separate tab for messages. It can be used for any items, but all books and letters go there by default.
  • Nicer looking tutorial markers and area border markers.
  • Changed ranged combat to fire automatically, allowing you to control the movement.
  • You can now kill any ants by precisely stepping on them. But why would anybody want to do that?
  • Enhanced the minimap code to run smoother.
  • People will not like when you steal their items. Some items will have marked owners, and they will watch out for thieves!
  • Fixed infinite XP bug with Professor Dore.
  • Fixed error log sending.

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