Bikez II Open Sourced


Some kind of a strange cult badgered me to release Bikez II as open source, so in the spirit of celebrating the soon to be 10-year-old game, I'm releasing the sources:

A couple of things you need to know if you're interested in it. It's ten years old, and I had been programming for about three years at the time. So it's not pretty. I'm not going to help you understand the code, but if you make a new version, I'd be happy to distribute it. You'll need DirectX SDK 8 to compile it. I included the project files for Visual Studio 2008, I guess it needs a few changes to work with other compilers.

You're allowed to do anything you want with this. Including the sources, pictures, 3D models and sounds. Heck, start selling it if you want to. If you get famous because of this, you have to say it's all thanks to me.

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