Driftmoon Alpha 4!


A new version of Driftmoon approaches! In fact, it's already here! As before, preorderers can access it on the secret download page. If you haven’t preordered yet, you can still get your copy for 20% off!

[Update] Check out the trailer!

New Level

The most visible change is the improved plot, with the addition of the new starting level. It gives the game a much more fleshed out background story, along with a better idea of what the game is about.

The new talent system is worth mentioning, with many unique combat skills and passive talents. I've been playing with the more advanced combat skills, and fighting the nasties has definitely become more interesting. There are critical hits, evasive maneuvers, various skills that affect groups of enemies. My favourite is the Arrow Rain Mastery, which reminds me of the legendary triple crossbow in Ultima.

I've also noticed the new random object system makes the game a lot more replayable. Since I have to replay it two times every week, I say it's great!

Game changelog:

Modding changelog:

  • Script action to fire a projectile from a trap. For example, see the arrow traps in the tomb level labyrinth.
  • The selected object ID is shown in the lower left corner. Useful when you need to know the id for a script.
  • Possible to force intro sequences from scripts. For example, see the start of the tomb level.
  • Scripted objects are highlighted. No longer need to search for that one scripted object.
  • Zooming out in the editor now immediately shows the complete map area, no more waiting for it to render.
  • Greatly improved minimap rendering time. From 10 seconds to 1 or better. Not that you will need this very often.
  • Added a button to reload all textures. No longer need to restart to see your recent changes to a texture.
  • Particles can now have a gravity. For example, see the fountain in the starting village.
  • Items can now be placed on moving objects, and they move with them.
  • Script activation type StartRandom activates a random script at startup. For example, see the smithy basement, where it's used to select the kind of chests placed there.
  • Shop prices can be edited within the shop by pressing +/- on the item. This only works if the level was started from the editor.

Feedback button:


With this version I've gone through the trouble of adding a feedback button. It's a little button that's visible in every screen, and you can use it to send us direct feedback. So when you're playing the game and you feel like something could be better, or there's an error, just click the button, and write down what you want to tell us. Please use it, we're very happy to hear your suggestions!

The game even takes a screenshot that can be sent along with the message, in case the problem is visible on the screen. And don't worry, the button will be moved to a less visible place later.

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