Thanks for all the feedback!


We've received so much feedback through the ingame feedback button that I've lost count. Amazingly most of it has been unique, there have only been a couple of people reporting the same error, positive comment or idea.

We've been putting all that feedback to good use! For example I've drastically changed the day/night cycle, and changed how long the torches work. The image above shows that I've turned all the petrified people grey, just as they should be. Another important addition is that all roofs and ceilings now get out of your way when you get anywhere near a building, allowing you to see where the doors are. I've also tuned the minimap controls, and made it possible to see how much of a torch has been used. There have been dozens of bigger and smaller fixes, making the game easier to use than before. So if you've given us feedback, Thank you!

PS. I'm working on a very important feature that's been indirectly requested by many players. Can you guess what it is?

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