Update 0.834


In response to some of the feedback we've got from the previous version, we present a few small updates! The most notable change is the text size slider, which allows playing on larger resolutions, and on the couch, and even if you just couldn't see the tiny fonts before. We've turned Arabella into a fully matured quest to find her a new master. We also decided to turn off the ability to see hidden enemies by hovering the mouse over them - it's much more exiting to not know exactly what lies in that dark room up ahead.

Game Changelog

  • New quest: Arabella's new master.
  • You are no longer forced to spend your skill and talent points in the level up screen.
  • Saruss is now trapped inside his room.
  • Fixed a mipmapping bug - everything now looks crispier and more precise.
  • Improved pathfinding: characters can now navigate changing environments such as the monastery labyrinth.
  • Feagle now vanishes after delivery.
  • The bird now correctly vanishes from the glockenspiel.
  • To help those with poor eyesight, the ingame user interface is now scaled with your resolution. There is also a slider to change it to your liking, in case you want smaller or bigger texts than the default.
  • You can zoom the view out much more now.
  • Caps Lock key now toggles the permanent item highlighting. If you're the person who previously held down CTRL constantly, you now have one more finger!
  • No longer overwrite your brother's save slot by accident! The game now notifies you if you are about to save over a previous saved game with a different name. But it won't warn you if you overwrite over your own previous save.
  • The archery target no longer feebly tries to attack you.
  • Minimap now zooms faster.
  • Zooming the camera with the mouse wheel is faster now.
  • Whirlwind is now a requirement for Flurry.
  • Shield Bash is no longer available when you're wielding a bow.
  • Sound volume slider.
  • You can no longer leave Doler forever trapped if you want to talk to him.
  • The Bottomless Quiver now uses a bit of mana per arrow.
  • The game now warns if you try to load a saved game from a newer version. Obviously it works only from this version upwards.
  • You can no longer see enemy health bars when the enemies are behind walls.
  • The blue fires are now extinguished after you pick up each Gem.

Modding Changelog

  • Script action: stopSound
  • Improved texture selection screen.
  • Fixed graphics size slider.
  • Ammo items now have a script to be run when the ammo is fired.
  • Player replies can now be ordered by dragging instead of clicking buttons.

Ps. If you haven't preordered yet, this is a great time to support the development of a unique indie roleplaying game! If you'd rather wait until Driftmoon is ready, you can sign up to be notified when the game is released.

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