Update 0.835


In memory of my old canine friend, we've added Belinda the Wolf Mother to Northrop. Be kind to her. Another highlight from the new version is that you can now configure the keys used in the game. Using the keyboard is of course optional in Driftmoon, you can fully play Driftmoon with just your mouse hand (and I know of a few Driftmoon players who actually don't have the use of both hands). But this might help you if you're used to having the inventory open with the caps lock for instance.

Also we've tackled a few cheaters who have been escaping to other maps and even to the world map to escape fights. Others have been fooling our poor shopkeepers by buying cheap ingredients, then using the blueprints to make new items which can be sold back at a profit! Actually I find that highly amusing, but the item prices have been tuned all the same. Driftmoon is not a trade simulator!

Game Changelog

  • Added Belinda the Wolf Mother to Northrop.
  • Keys are now configurable! You can also use the key bindings screen to see the current keys. The tutorial messages don't reflect your configured keys just yet.
  • Saving to an empty slot no longer warns that the slot is in use.
  • Fawn couldn't die on the harder difficulty levels, fixed.
  • You can no longer drag objects through spider webs.
  • Can no longer escape to the world map when player is engaged in combat.
  • Prices of all craftable items and ingredients have been balanced, now the crafted result should be about as valuable as the ingredients.
  • Feagle has received more training (and should therefore arrive on time more often than before)!
  • Advanced and Master level of Blades now work properly, and the Blades don't prevent quick travel anymore.
  • The labyrinth switches now look like they mean business.
  • Light effects on rocks look much better.
  • Fixed visual glitches that appeared with rocks.
  • Modding Changelog

  • Killbot action now works properly on harder difficulty levels.
  • Scripts referring to actor 0 now helpfully tell that actor 0 is the player.
  • Actions openWorldMap and changeMap now default to not allowing moving to new maps when the player is under attack.
  • You can now double click to select a script action or condition from a list.
  • Reduced size of levels files by up to 60%.
  • Race variable imitateHostAttackTarget allows you to set whether the player's followers imitate the player's attack targets.
  • Fixed error with givePlayerItem specified slot being ignored.
  • Update: It looks like I was a bit overzealous in reducing the download size, and most of items in containers got lost. I've just released a quick update, fixing this.

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