Update 0.902


Here's a small update while we wait for the final release. These are mainly fixes and improvements for our industrious modders, like the ability to refer to an object's variable by it's name or id number in scripts or in any texts.

We're hard at work with the rest of the adventure, we have already written all the dialogue (which took a lot of time because there are multiple endings), and we're now creating the actual levels. We'll tell you more when we're closer.

Game Changelog

  • Starting village split into two areas to make it work better on older computers. Don't go there if you have an old saved game, it will mess up the save.
  • Non-droppable items can no longer be dragged into a container.
  • The black skeleton knight will no longer regain his arms and weapons on save/reload.
  • Modding Changelog

  • Dexterity, Strength, Agility and Constitution now work for non-player bots as well.
  • Race id numbers can now go up to 65535. But it's still best to use them in order.
  • It's now possible to use global flags in addition to actor variables in scripts. Just replace any part of a script that takes a number with the name of the variable or global flag. The game first looks for the named actor variable, and if that is not found, it looks for the global flag.
  • All info boxes can now handle keywords. That includes item descriptions, talent descriptions and status icons.
  • Keywords can now include actor variables and global flags using the following notation. {player.health} will print the player's health. {player.health:2} will print the player's health with two decimal places. You can replace the "player" with any object's name, or even its id number. {Karma} will print the value of the Karma global flag. The same notation is available in when using script variables.
  • The menu is now visible through the fadeout.
  • New script action: quitGame.
  • The menu will now play sounds from the camera position instead of world center.
  • The game will no longer crash if xpRequirement is set to 0 in levels.ini. It will disable the leveling system from thereon.
  • Removing a bodypart from a bot (except the player) will now be persisted over saves and map changes. Also removing a hand will not prevent the bot from using weapons, they will just be attached to the first body part available.
  • New script condition: isStartedFromEditor can be used to limit testing scripts to the editor.
  • Buttons to raise/lower all selected terrain objects.
  • You can now define the water texture to be used on each level.
  • Static lights placed in the editor now have their size limitation removed.
  • UPDATE Version 0.903 fixes the error in bogeyman's cave introduced in the 0.902.

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