Anne is locked up in Mors-Sarmeth!


When reporters threaten to drop you in a pool of lava, it's time to lift the curtain of secrecy, at least a tiny bit.

Hands up, who guessed that we've been busy making Driftmoon? Come on people, I can't see those hands! ...That's more like it. You will be pleased to hear that we only have a few pieces of Ixal's fortress left to do! It's true! And that's why I've locked Anne inside the dungeons of Mors-Sarmeth! (Don't worry, she's got plenty of food and water.) And I won't let her out until she's finished designing the whole castle! I think she's secretly enjoying it.

Of course, there's still some work left to do after we finish implementing the level design and the bookfuls of dialogue that go into the ending. Some parts of the fortress still have to be filled with finishing touches (and more monsters and loot), and then we'll get to the fun part of fully playtesting the whole game. We're nearly done now, and it's great to finally see our long dream coming true! Still, I think we're even more happy to be able to finally present the whole finished Driftmoon to everyone who's been anxiously awaiting to continue the adventure!

Man, it's difficult telling you about the game's wonderful ending(s) without giving too much away. Did I already tell you it's going to be great?

In other news, we've started working with a new talented game design intern Lauri Heikkinen, who's designing and implementing a mod that features a rather intriguing story in a world inhabited by something called "blood elves". I've yet to find out if they're related to their namesakes in World of Warcraft, but they certainly sound interesting. Expect to see more in January.

Ps. We'll tell you more about our release date soon!

Oh, oh! I nearly forgot! There's still time to get the preorder discount, 20% off! It'll be valid on our website until the end of time, guaranteed. And if you've already got Driftmoon, well... Christmas is coming.

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