The Build a Greenlight Bundle


Our friends at Groupees have put together a Build a Greenlight Bundle, featuring games that definitely deserve getting Greenlit on Steam. Today's special will be an extra special extended edition of the Driftmoon demo, which pretty much doubles the length of the demo. Currently the Groupees special is also the only way to see the game's full ending, before we release the final beta to our preorderers. We don't get a penny from the deal, but it's always nice that new people hear about Driftmoon.

I just want this to be absolutely clear, the Driftmoon demo in the bundle is an extended special demo version, you'll still need to get a Driftmoon license key to activate the full game. And if you're still waiting for the full game to be released, you might want to get thenewsletter to be notified of that jubilous event, hopefully in a few weeks time. We promise not to spam you.

And if you're a Steam user, vote for Driftmoon. Of course, when Driftmoon gets on Valve's Steam, all the valves and steam in Driftmoon might create an endless loop that might end the universe! But I'm pretty sure that won't happen today, as some have speculated.

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