Announcing: Driftmoon Enchanted Edition!


Hi! This is Ville and Anne, the developers of Driftmoon. The time for releasing Driftmoon - the Enchanted edition - on multiple platforms is finally here, yay!

If you already own Driftmoon through Steam or GOG, your game will receive the update right now, or really soon. If you haven't yet tried Driftmoon, a big portion of the game is free on all platforms, so give it a go:

Get Driftmoon on
Get Driftmoon on STEAM
Get Driftmoon on HUMBLE BUNDLE
Get Driftmoon on Microsoft Store
Driftmoon demo for Windows

We've had a ton of requests about getting Driftmoon on more platforms. Initially we started work on the Enchanted version right back in 2013 when the first version of Driftmoon was released, until life put a temporary stop to our plans (kids, illnesses, money issues, etc). But we never gave up on our dream of finishing the Enchanted version of Driftmoon. Finally, a year ago we had a chance to resume work on Driftmoon again, and we've worked nonstop ever since. For seven years you've been sending us countless encouraging messages, and also tips on how to improve Driftmoon, so happily we haven't run out of encouragement, or of ideas on what to do. Thanks everyone!

What's new compared to the vanilla Driftmoon?

  • Driftmoon now runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android - so take out your tablet or your cellphone and head straight for adventure!
  • We've added the Mystery Box, full of surprises for both you and your friends!
  • New characters, quests, items and skills (through the Mystery Box and elsewhere too)
  • Major graphics update: better textures to look better on modern screens, lightmapped shadows, and the lot.
  • Updated user interface: easier to use, looks better, and scales better: from your smallest screen to your living room TV. (still including the possibility to adjust text size, etc)
  • Tons of bugfixes, dialogue fixes, quest fixes and improvements.
  • Improved music, with an extra melody. All music by Gareth Meek - Thank you again, Gareth!
  • Gameplay enhancements: quest reminders, Silver feather counter (very useful!), and more.
  • The possibility to recover from a broken save (for example if your disk was full).
  • And more surprises! Because there's bound to be something cool that we forgot to mention here.😆

For the techinally minded among us, we've ported the old C++ Driftmoon to C# on the Unity platform. We think it was a good choice, although it was a huge amount of work.

What's next for Ville and Anne? Now that Driftmoon is finished, we're hoping to make enough money from it to finally get the chance to focus full-time on making our own games. We already have a list of game ideas some 500 ideas long, but we've narrowed our next pick to two top candidates that sound the most tempting.

We really hope you have fun playing! If you find any problems, please tell us. The easiest way to give us feedback is through the feedback button in the game menu. And most of all, we want to wish all of you good physical and mental health amidst this strange corona struggle that the world is currently going through. Stay safe!

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