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Steam Keys?

TheUnimpossible 11 years ago
Hello, I only very recently heard about this game and after playing the demo I pre-ordered it almost immediately without any hesitation. My question is about Steam keys, I read a few pages in to the forums and found a conversation about Greenlighting the game (Congrats on achieving that by the way! I voted for you.) where Ville said he would try to arrange keys for those who have pre-ordered and I was just wondering if this is still a possibility?

I apologize if this is a question you get often or if the information I'm asking for is in plain view!

Edited 11 years ago
Amarth 11 years ago
I don't think Driftmoon was Greenlit already, was it?
ville 11 years ago
Not on Steam yet, I would have heard of it. Thanks for the votes! We're steadily rising in the rankings there.
Forum » Steam Keys?

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