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Morgan 11 years ago
Congratulations Ville and Anne on finishing Driftmoon!

*Pops the virtual champagne!*

Also thanks for the mention in the latest blog article
Anne 11 years ago
Thanks Morgan, we're both very happy to finally be able to say that Driftmoon is done! And you're welcome.
TheUnimpossible 11 years ago
I concur, I pre-ordered my copy yesterday after spending an hour with the demo! Congratulations on the release of this wonderfully charming game, it's a shame I had no idea it existed until just a few days ago.
stubbie 11 years ago
Huge congratulations on finally getting the game to its finished state guys.
I hope the game is a fantastic success.
Now I'm off to finally play the whole game, woohoo
Pete 11 years ago
<shameless plug>Dont forget about Driftmoons many wonderful mods! I hear some people that I have no relation to whatsoever put a lot of work into them.</shameless plug>
Forum » Congratulations!

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