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Forum » Driftmoon on GOG only v1.000?

Driftmoon on GOG only v1.000?

Silverhawk85 11 years ago

first of all congrats for the official release of Driftmoon.

I have a queastion regarding the GOG version. The version number on GOG is 1.000 and the most up to date version here is 1.001. I've activated the autoupdate function in the GOG version but it sais that there is no update availlable. But for example the IR (W.I.P.) total conversation mod, which is also listed in the GOG version sais, that it requires at least version 1.001.

So, will the GOG version be updated shortly or is it even possible to update the GOG version with the autoupdate function?

Edited 11 years ago
Death Knight 11 years ago
Yeah I had a much older version of this game on mac. Will the base game I purchased on this site work with play on mac or should I get gog version too? I want to use it on mac but a much older version crashed a few times.
ville 11 years ago
The GOG version should work equally well on Mac as the version here, the differences are very minor. I've already sent the GOG crew an updated version, and I'll make a patch for the autoupdater tomorrow when we get it properly tested - will have you playing the IR mod in no time at all!
Forum » Driftmoon on GOG only v1.000?

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