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The Tournament

Idiota 19 years ago
This is the prologue of a story I'm going to start, here on this forum!


As I entered the huge arena, the first thing I noticed was how many people were cheering for me. I saw alot of signs that people actually support me and wish me goodluck. I would never have thought I would get this far in the tournament. When I saw my opponent I almost dropped my sword and ran away. The guy was huge and he did not seem very impressed about me. I took my place on the other side of the arena and awaited the signal of te town’s chief.

The chief was currently performing the traditional slicing in his skin and I knew the match was about to start. As I stared at the stands, I saw my mother crying on a bench. ‘She must be worried as hell about me’ I thought. ‘Do not worry mum, I will not lose!’

As the chief gave the signal, I sliced through the air, rushing towards my opponent, he did the opposite. He ran away like a chicken. I increased my speed and ran after him, ‘I’m gaining on him’ I thought. When I was about to slash his back, he turned around and was about to pierce me on his sword!

Not that this is just a prologue and future parts will be bigger and more fun.

EDIT: one last note, if you want to discuss this prologue, do it elsewhere, I want this topic to be story only.
Idiota 19 years ago
Note that I have been highly motivated by Toko into writing this and he made up some idea's in the history and some future events.

Warning! You must read this before ANY following part, or you will be uncapable of following the story

A bit of the history of the lands

An estimated 300 years ago, the first books were written by the Krantells. They were the first intelligent people on earth and invented lots of thing still in use at this time. They grew in numbers rapidly and soon, there was no space for wildlife anymore on the island they lived on. The invented ships to go explore the world beyond the horizon. Upon discovering the continent now known as “Krantell”, named after their tribe, they massively colonised the shores of the new lands. Times were good for the Krantell tribe.

30 years have passed untill the people discovered the uses of iron and soon after steel. There were massive wars and the Krantell have split up into 5 provinces: The Krantell (located on the island and the north part of the shore), the Gonians (located on the south part of the shore), the Frinn (located further inland next to the Krantell), the Osgar (located on the edge of the former empire, next to Frinn) and the Rug (located north of the Gonians and south of Frinn and Osgar). These induvidual tribes organised tournaments. The were ranked from 1st grade to 8th grade. There are 2 tournaments in each grade, making a total of 16 tournaments. The people saw this as a peacefull way to beat their neighbours and things went great for another 100 years.

170 years ago, a dark force invaded the lands. Knights as black as the shadows flooded the lands. The represented the fallen knights of the tournaments and started possesing the people. They made the people destroy every house and arena. The destruction lasted for another 20 years. The people, now homeless and poor were left alone. It took another 50 years to rebuild all that was destroyed.

They did not rebuild the arena’s however. They were scared the shadows might return to them. After 50 years, the people had forgotten their fears and started to organise tournaments again. 50 years have past since then and there are still no wars.

Empire stats. The first stat is the primary, the second secundary.
ex. Power and vitality, where power is prime and vitality is secund.

the blue empire stats:
[list]Lufia, the God of Growth and Harvest.
The Osgar specialize in Gravity manipulation.
The Osgar favour Speed and vitality.[/list:u]

the red empire stats:
[list]Poreus, the God of Life.
The Frinn specialize in Mass manipulation.
The Frinn favour Strength and knowledge.[/list:u]

the gold empire stats:
[list]Gonlack, the God of Wealth and Power.
Panlack, the Goddess of Pace and Speed.
The Rug specializes in Weather Manipulation.
The Rug favour Dexterity and speed.[/list:u]

the blood empire stats:
[list]Furia, Goddess of Battle and Death.
The Krantall specialize in Energy Manipulation.
The Krantall favour Strength and vitality[/list:u]

the green empire stats:
[list]Vita, the Goddess of Nature.
Terrus, the God of the Earth.
The Gonians specialize in Bio Manipulation
The Gonians favour Vitality and knowledge[/list:u]

Different stats:
[list]Strength: Measures the power of a blow.
Speed: Measures the speed of a person.
Vitality: Measures ones defence and health, plus how long you last when using shadow disciplines.
Dexterity: Measures the accuracy of a person.
Knowledge: Measures how fast a person masters a skill[/list:u]

Shadow disciplines

[list]Bio manipulation: This discipline involves mutating body cells in order to form life beings.
Gravity manipulation: This discipline involves negating the gravity in order to perform better in combat.
Weather manipulation: This discipline involves changing the weather, the more the change, the more effort it costs.
Mass manipulation: This discipline enables the user to move objects, or levitating them. The more mass, the more effort it costs.
Energy manipulation: This discipline is the hardest of all. It can be used to teleport the user over VERY small distances, not over a meter.[/list:u]

The map:
Idiota 19 years ago
Here's the first chapter of the story and no, there are no tournaments yet. The prologue is a bit further in the story.

EDIT: I upgraded chapter one to my liking. I think it's way better now.

Chapter 1: introduction

Hello, I am Joshua Osgar, or just Josh in short. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Some people call me handsome, some people don’t. I have always dreamed of being a knight and to fight in tournaments, but so far I am too poor for that. I’m also member of the Osgar bloodline and the original Blue emperor himself was originally my family. I am currently 14 years old and I live in a town called Drewdale. My house is in the west section of town. It’s a small house and I would have liked another, better house, was I not an orphan. It has only one floor and is split into 3 sections: Bedroom, Room with table and a room with a fireplace, for cooking. I live there with only my sister. I work at a farm a bit east of Drewdale, where I earn some money to keep us alive. My sister mainly does the cooking and buys food at the market. Drewdale is a town in Osgar and is surrounded by deep forests. The road west of Drewdale leads to Kindrake, where a rank 8 tournament is located. In this world, we have several gods we worship. For us Osgarians, the only god is Lufia, god of growth and harvest. We make sure we burn some grain in the fireplace every morning to honor him.

When I woke up, I noticed it was late in the morning. ‘Time to get up’ I thought. I stepped out of bed and put some clothes on. My sister was still sleeping, so I woke her up and said ‘I thought you were coming to the farm with me today?’ ‘Yes’ she replied ‘But Greg is not here yet, is he? Maybe we should go to his house.’ She said while putting some clothes on. My sister, Rinsi Osgar, or just Rin, is a pretty woman of my age. She is rather tall and has long red hair. I like how I can really sink into her dark brown eyes. She is smart too and can handle a knife pretty good. “We do not have time for breakfast, so lets go to Greg to see what is keeping him from coming.” She said.

We stepped out the door after burning some grain in the fireplace and locked it. Then we took the road leading to Greg’s place. “I heard his parents got back from the tournament.” Rin said “Really? They usually are away for quite some time.” “Yes, well, it is something I heard, so I am not really sure.” I knocked on the door and awaited awnser. ‘Who is it?’ we heard. ‘It’s us, Greg, open up!’ Greg is my best friend. He helped me with a lot of things. His parents bought my house and gave it to us. I owe almost everything to them, so I respect him very much. When the door opened, Greg stepped out and shut it really fast and said ‘You guys, what are you doing here?’ ‘You were late,’ Rin replied ‘so we came to pick you up.’ “Let me at least grab something” He said. We waited outside untill he returned. “What are you bringing with you?” I asked. “None of your business” He replied.

We walked on the street when we passed the market. “Ah, looks like a new load of grain has arrived from Hillside” said Rin. Hillside is a village to the east of Drewdale, There is lots of rich soil there so lots of food comes from that place. “We can use what we earn today to buy some supplies” I said. We left town and headed for the farm. There are some bandits in this region, so we had to be very careful not to make to much noise. The road to the farm was about 2 miles and it took a while to reach the farm. There were lots of trees and bushes. “Lots of places to hide in” I thought. “I smell something rotting.” I said. “Yes, I do too” said Rin. “It’s probably nothing, or not much” I heard Greg mumbling. “What’s with him?” Rin whispered to me. “I don’t know, he seems to be in a bad mood.” Upon reaching the farm we all were shocked about what we saw. The farm roof had collapsed and there was lot’s of rubble to be cleaned up. There was smoke coming from under the rubble and I smelled something burning.

While wondering what had happened, Hank, the man who Greg and I worked for, came walking from the back of the farm and greeted us. Hank is old, he’s nearing 40 and requires help a lot of the time. He is small, but also stronger then you would think he is. He has blond hair with grey eyes. He always has a certain smell around him that makes you feel comfortable and relaxing. ‘The storm caused me roof to collapse.’ He said ‘There is alot of mess to be cleaned up and I could use your help.’ Hank stared at Rin as he hasn’t seen her before. She shuffled with her foot. ‘Hank, meet Rin, my sister’ I said ‘Rin, this is Hank the man who I work for’ ‘Greetings sir, I would like to help’ Hank turned around and stared at his house. ‘Ok, I want you to go to Drewdale and get some wooden bars and branches for the roof’ Hank hands me some money. ‘Here’s some money that you’ll need. Now go and don’t come back without the stuff. Take the cart and go!’

We left the farm. When we reached the forest road Rin said: ‘I didn’t notice any storms. I would say he’s hiding something.’ ‘Don’t say that!’ I shouted ‘You have no clue how much Hank has helped us in the past! He would have told me if something had happened.’ ‘I agree, Hank would never lie to me.’ Said Greg. ‘Let’s make sure we buy the stuff and…’ I didn’t end what I wanted to say. I felt huge pain in the back of my head and collapsed to the ground. ‘Let’s get the other two!’ was the last thing I heard before passing out.

I stood in the middle of an arena. The arena had a faint red glow around it and I smelled rotting animals. I shuddered. “Rin? Greg? Are you in here?” I shouted. No response. Upon closer observation, I noticed that the arena didn’t have a red glow. The walls were made out of stone, but they were covered with blood. There was blood on the ground too. The sand was dark red. “Well, well, well, what have we here?” The icy, dark voice scared me and I slowly turned towards the source of the sounds. There was nothing. “Over here!” This time, I quickly turned around. What I witnessed, was not supposed to be seen by human eyes. A woman, dressed in black, with black hair and a black skin. There were two things that made her really scary. She had glowing red eyes and she was flying in mid-air. She was very tall and she seemed capable of killing me, so I didn’t reply “I was hoping for your sister, but it seems the bandits have other plans with her. I should really punish the fools” she said. “You!” she touched my forehead with her finger, leaving a red tattoo. “Go now and be sure to stay with you sister, things might happen to her.”

I woke up after a while, but I couldn’t move yet. The sweat was still on my face and I was cold as hell. I turned my head to the right and saw Greg, knocked out on the forest floor. I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. He had a faint red tattoo on his head. It must have faded over time ‘Get your hands of me!’ I heard Rin shouting. ‘You’re all mine.’ said an unknown voice, followed by the ripping of clothes. ‘No! Get off! Get off!’ Shouted Rin. “Is he trying to…?” I went berserk. I stood up and ran towards the bandit, who was not paying attention to me. I grabbed my knife from my belt and stabbed the bandit in the back 3 times. The bandit screamed in pain and tried to throw me off his back. After a short struggle, I managed to thrust the knife in the back of his neck. Suddenly, there was lots of strain on the body I was holding and the bandit collapsed. As I stared at the body, I heard someone approaching. While I was turning, I got smashed in the face by a heavy mace and slammed against a tree.
Idiota 19 years ago
Here's chapter 2. I hope you like it. It's a prelude to a greater part

Chapter 2: Recovery

I woke up lying in a bed. The quilt was made out of wool and cotton. It smelled fresh and new. I felt clean and washed, although I had a huge headache. I noticed I had no clothes on, but that didn’t matter to me, I felt too comfortable to worry. The room was all white and there was a table with fresh clothes on it next to the bed. When I was about to doze off again, someone entered the room. “Ah, it seems you have finally awoken. How do you feel?” My sister said “Tanya! Josh has awoken!” she shouted. “Isn’t Tanya Greg’s mother?” I asked “Where am I?” I heard someone coming down the stairs and a woman entered the room. Tanya was a woman in the 30’s and she had a couple of scars on her face. She had brown hair and was much muscled for a woman. She was Greg’s mother and helped me with getting a house. “My husband, William, will be here in a minute too. You had quite a crack in your skull and you have been sleeping for 2 days and nights now.” Tanya said. She neared me and asked: “How are you feeling?” “I’m still very tired” I said. “My head hurts a little, but I have no further injuries, I think.” I was about to get out of bed, when Tanya said “You shouldn’t get out just yet. You require some more sleep. Come Rin, let’s leave Josh alone so he can sleep some more” They left the room. “I guess their right…” I thought.

I woke up again and I felt great. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror. “I don’t look great” I thought while touching my skin. I had lots of scratches on my face and there was a white Band-Aid tied around my head. I touched the back of my head and I quickly let go when I felt much pain. I heard the door and a man entered the room. William, Greg’s father, was huge. He was more then 1 head taller then me and I swear I can fit myself two times in his body. He is bald and has green eyes. He had lots of scars on his face and was about 35. “Ah, welcome to my house, young Joshua.” He said. “First of all, I’m sorry I smashed your face with my mace, but you were completely berserk and I feared you might have attacked me in your rage.” He said while pointing at a bruise on my face. “So it was you!” I shouted “Well, I suppose that wasn’t a bad thing… How’s Greg by the way?” I asked. William coughed and shook his head. “Greg was a fool. Of course, it was our fault too, by leaving him alone most of the time. Greg joined a certain sect in our absence. They worshipped Furia, the Goddess of Battle and Death. They tried to kill you and Rin in a set-up. He ran away after playing dead for a while when I was busy with you.” Tears where hiding behind his mask of stone. He must have loved that boy and thinks it’s his fault he is lost now. “Well, that explains the weird behavior of him that day.” I said. William coughed again and said “Anyway, enough of that, I have some things I want to say to you. Have you ever considered becoming a knight? You fought pretty well against that bandit who was trying to take your sister.” He said it with such a smile on his face; I knew he wanted me to replace Greg. “A… Kn… Knight?” I stuttered “Yes, you are quite talented. If I would have known this earlier I would have let you train with Greg. So, how about it?” he asked. I couldn’t say a word. It was my dream coming true. I faintly nodded. “Good. Then it is settled. I will begin training with you in a week. You still haven’t fully recovered from you injuries. Rest now, so we can begin training next week.” He said while leaving the room. I still stared at the door like he was still standing there for 5 minutes. “I guess I should talk with Rin about some stuff” I thought.

The moment I tried to open the door leading to the hallway, it opened and Rin came walking in. “I see you can walk again Josh, that’s great.” She said before I could speak. “Good day to you too Rin. I have some things to talk to you about. Let’s go outside and walk around a bit” I suggested. “Sure. I have something to tell you too.” She said while we left the room. We entered a hallway. The candles were burning, so I thought it would be getting dark. “Something to say? What would that be?” I asked. We went downstairs and entered a new hallway. “Miss Hadhorse has asked me if I want to become a female knight, just like her. I said yes and we have trained for a while already. She said I’m quite skilled with a dagger so I am learning how to wield 2 daggers at the same time.” She said it like it was talking about dinner. I was shocked that I wasn’t the only Osgar becoming a knight. We left the house through the door at the end of the hallway. Once outside, I noticed the size of the house like I haven’t seen it before. It was nearing the size of a small mansion. The roof was covered with black roof tiles and the walls were made out of yellow stone. It had 2 floors and an attic. “Why are you so silent Joshua? Is something wrong?” she asked. “No, it’s just that Sir Hadhorse has asked me to become a knight too. It just seems weird; we might end up battling each other in the Kindrake tournament. I wouldn’t like killing you.” I said. “Ha, or me killing you, you arrogant fool!” Rin joked. “I’m serious! Don’t joke about this!” I shouted. “Let’s head back to the house, it’s getting night.” Rin said. While we were walking back to the house I asked Rin what the bandit did to her. “He tried to rape me. Now that you mention it, I haven’t thanked you for killing him yet.” She said while kissing me on my cheek. “Goodnight” We said to each other. I entered my room and fell asleep on my bed instantly.
Idiota 19 years ago
Here's chapter 3 of my story: The tournament

Chapter 3: training

The week passed rather quickly and my wounds healed fast. I still had a sensitive spot on my head, but it felt the same as a bruise. William invited me to the backyard, where he had put weapons on a table for me to pick from. There was a short sword, 2 daggers, a spear, a bow and a mace. “Let’s begin training with a sword. I have fake wooden swords for practice. It hurts on impact, but it’s better then being sliced.” Said William while handing me a practice sword. “Let’s see what you can do. Try to penetrate my defenses and strike me with the sword.” William prepared his defenses. I tested his defense and slashed his sword with mine a bit. “You are supposed to hold a short sword with one hand, not two, you…” I swung my sword to his face; he quickly dodged and defended again. “Already developing your own style, I see? You would do great with a two handed sword. Let’s practice some more. Here, take this longer practice sword, it suits you better” I dropped my sword and took the other one. After swinging it around a bit I got the feel of it and we started sparring a bit more. This time, he was way more serious. He blocked my first strike and hit my arm with his sword, all in one motion. “Let me point you at the weaknesses you have with that sword. It is slower than a short sword and you cannot use a shield with it. I’ll tell you how to lessen those weaknesses later. For now, try to anticipate my movement and strike when you think you can.” We got back into position. I rushed towards him and pretended I was about to swing my sword. He circled around me and swung his sword at me. I blocked it and recklessly thrust my sword in his direction. He dodged my sword and grabbed my arm. He swung me over his shoulder and I landed on the ground pretty hard. I got up and ran towards him. I jumped past him and swung my sword at his ankles. I hit him, but he slashed my back with his sword. It went like this for the rest of the day. I could tell I improved, but he adjusted himself to my level all the time. I went to bed tired as hell.

The next day William wanted me to grab a spear. He broke the tip off and gave it to me. “Let’s see what you can do with this one. Try to hit me.” I held the stick horizontally, like a fighting pole, and swung the tip at William. He dodged it and pointed his sword at my chest. “You don’t have much talent at this one. Please grab these two short sticks.” I took the sticks he gave me and held them like two daggers. “Again, try to hit me.” I ran towards him and swung one of my daggers while holding his sword off with the other one. He dodged my first attempt, but I swung my second stick at him and hit him in the chest. “You’re quite gifted with these, young Joshua. I’ll make it a bit harder for you.” He got more serious again and this time, he ran towards me. He dodged to the side when I swung my stick and slashed my side with his sword. I wasn’t done yet and swung my left stick at his head. He punched my left elbow with his free hand and I dropped my dagger for some reason. He then pointed his sword at my neck and I gave up this round. “Now, for some other dagger training. Daggers can be used to block incoming objects with great ease. Please grab the metal daggers from the table.” I picked up the daggers and waited for him to start. “Try to block the stones I throw at you. I’ll throw hard, so be smart and block them.” He threw a rock. I attempted to block it with only my left dagger, but I didn’t hold my dagger at the right position and it hit me in the chest. William threw another rock and this time, I held both daggers in front of it and it bounced of them. “Very good. You seem to have mastered the basics.”

We trained both things for the rest of the day.

Next morning I had to pick up a bow and collect some arrows. William had set up some targets for me to practice with. “First pick up an arrow. Then, put it on the string you see. Pull the arrow back until it reaches your ear, aim and shoot, there’s nothing more to it.” I followed the steps he said, but each time I pulled back, the arrow got off and I had to start over. After trying it for a while, William ascertained I had no skill in bow fighting and he said: “We will skip the mace, as you are no good with one handed weapons. I suggest you try either the katana or the daggers.” After considering both weapons for a while, I replied “I’ll use the katana as my main weapon, but I want to keep my daggers too, for emergencies.” “Fine by me” said William. “Before we continue training, I have some very important things to say. Let’s go inside and talk about it while we quench our thirst with some cool water.” We went inside and got into the dinner room. It was a white room – like the rest of the house – and the kitchen was build right next to it. “Let’s have a seat. There are certain things a warrior has to beat his opponent. First there is weaponry. We’ve had that. Then there’s armor. A good warrior has to have good armor. And last, but certainly not least, there are the shadow disciplines.” “The what?” I asked. “Shadow disciplines. There is a force a warrior can call to his aid in battle. He can use this force to manipulate things. There are 5 types of manipulations. Bio manipulation, Gravity manipulation, weather manipulation, Mass manipulation and energy manipulation. It takes a long time to master even one of these types. For us, Osgarians, gravity manipulation is our born specialty. The other countries specialize in different types of manipulation. It takes us about 2 years to fully master our manipulation and then we only have learned 1 skill. The following skills will go faster in learning, but still not very fast” After he said these thing, I got thinking. “Wow, I’ve never even heard about these things before. Will Rin get the same skills as I do? Or is she better in other attributes.” When I was about to think what Rin would like as a skill, William shouted “Hey! Are you even listening to me? I am about to tell you something VERY important. There is a downside on shadow disciplines. Too much use will draw a shadow knight to the battlefield. No one has ever beaten one of them and it is most likely you will get killed in battle. After it kills the one who used it too much, it will leave and the survivor will win the match of course. The amount of disciplines one can use or the quantity depends on the user’s vitality and knowledge level. That is all I have to say. Let’s begin training on the Gravity manipulation now.” We went outside again, but this time, we walked a little further. We entered a special field. The field was covered with tall grass and there were some large poles too. The thing that caught my eye was a wall. Not just a wall, this wall had a wooden catwalk nearing it. The catwalk started horizontally and ended vertically. The wall was about two meters larger and ended with some sort of platform on top of it. “This is where we’ll be training for the coming 2 years.” William said. “This training will teach you the “wall walking” skill and is quite difficult to master. “Two years?” I asked. “That’s what I said, didn’t I? Let’s start training. Go stand in front of the special catwalk and we’ll start training.” I did what he said and waited. “I want you to sit on your feet and hands. Make your mind completely empty. After you have done that, think you can reduce your weight. Keep concentrating on that fact and start crouching up the catwalk. Your goal for these two years is to reach the platform.” “Why do I have to crouch?” “With 4 contact points with the wall, it is easier to perform this trick then with only two. In later stages, you can advance to running up the platform, but you’ll fall hard and it’s difficult.” I did what he said. I got on my hands and feet. I didn’t think of anything and next, concentrated on the fact I could reduce my weight. I kept concentrating and slowly crouched up the wall. When I neared the middle of the catwalk, I slowly slid back. The catwalk was very smooth! I slid back a little and I tried again. I focused even harder, but it didn’t matter. I kept sliding back at the same spot over and over again. I kept doing this for the rest of the day. William left at a certain time. He said training wouldn’t call that “shadow knight” thing. I went to bed late in the evening and practiced clearing my mind of thoughts until I fell asleep.

For more information, see the updated history post.
Idiota 19 years ago
Within 2 hours, I had made this chapter. A personal record, I got carried inside the chapter myself too

Chapter 4: Testing my abilities

I’m 20 years old now. I’ve been training for the past 6 years and I’ve become very good at combat. Today is a special day. William and Tanya have scheduled a give-it-your-best training battle between Rin and me. I really want to win. Tanya has been saying good things about her. In the past years I’ve grown a lot too. I have shortened my hair and I’ve bought a bandana that I’ve tied around my head. I’m wearing simple black leather clothing and brown boots. My perception has improved to an almost inhuman level. William says it has something to do with the gravity training. I’m walking outside to the training grounds right now. The garden hasn’t changed a bit in the last years. Still the same trees, still the same old wall and still the same old poles. I met Rin at the entrance of the training grounds. She has developed into a beautiful woman with long curly red hair. She’s still taller then me and wears brown leather clothing, with simple black boots. She has her daggers ready for use all day long and looked at me like she looked at her enemy. Her gaze chilled me to my bones. “Ready to lose, Josh?” She said daringly. “No, I’m ready to win, sorry.” I said while I winked at her. She laughed and we walked to the training grounds together.

We met with William and Tanya and they said we should walk to their little “arena” or basically, a round piece of sand land with a wall and an entrance around it. We entered and took place at the far ends of the arena. “We’ll start the fight in 3.. 2... 1... Fight!” “Shadow duplicate!” I shouted as I pulled a shadow practice sword out of the original one. “Why are you shouting?” Rin asked. “Sir Hadhorse said it would improve the chance of success. Lighten weapon!” I shouted while I ran towards Rin. “Let me try too… Shape shift!” Rin shouted. She turned into a half wolf half Rin form. “What! How can you know how to use Bio manipulation?” I shouted. “Remember where I was born!” She shouted while sprinting towards me. I almost forgot, Rin was born in Gonian. William said that only where you are born matters what skills you can learn. I jumped in the air using my gravity manipulation and dived at Rin. She saw me coming and quickly dodged as I landed. She swung her dagger stick at me – she could still hold them in her half paws – but I deflected it with my shadow sword. I ducked under her next swing and pushed myself off the ground with my hands. I kicked my sister in the face real hard. She landed 2 meters in front of me. I ran towards her, but she got on her legs real fast and ran towards the wall. I chased her, but suddenly, she slowed down, turned around and started running towards me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just ran further to her. She dived and threw her dagger sticks towards me. I blocked them with my sword sticks, but in the meantime, she had gotten really close and kicked me in the stomach before she smashed my nose. I was thrown backwards and fell on the ground. I heard her nearing and used my gravity manipulation to levitate myself on my legs. She was close while I got on my legs, and I had only a few moments to think. “Bio duplicate!” she shouted. Another Rin had appeared. The both attacked me simultaneously. The real Rin threw some more sticks while the fake Rin rushed straight at me. I got hit by the two sticks and that did hurt, but I used a dual swing of my swords to pound the fake Rind’s face. She disappeared. The real Rin ran towards me, but this time, I used a different approach. I ran towards her. She got ready and awaited my approach. I threw my shadow stick PAST her. She got distracted by the sword and while she wasn’t looking, I jumped over her using my skills and landed on the wall. I caught the sword I threw and pushed myself off the wall. After I landed near her, I turned around my axis and shoveled her legs away. She fell down. While she was falling, I swung my real stick sword with all the might I had and hit her in the chest real hard. She screamed in pain and stood up quickly. I had anticipated this and punched her in the face. I grabbed her by the legs before she could counter-attack and swung her into a wall, using my skills to give her the weight of a small rock, until just before the impact. Rin tried to absorb the force of the impact by landing on the wall with legs and hands, but she could stop her head from pounding against the wall. She fell on her back. Unconscious. “Alright Josh that’s enough, you have won.” I heard William saying.

William entered the arena. He was followed by Tanya, who rushed towards Rin. “You did an outstanding job Josh, I am proud of what you have achieved. Let’s go to your sister and see how she’s doing.” When we got there, she was already standing. Her nose was bleeding and there was blood coming out of her forehead. “That last impact with the wall did the job Josh, that was a nice one. I’ll try to be more of a challenge next time.” Rin said. “Don’t do that, you might win from me if you do.” I laughed, “I’m sorry I caused you those injuries, I didn’t mean to.” “Hey, I would have done the same for you. You don’t have to go easy on me because I’m your sister!” “Sure, sure. Can you walk? Grab my shoulder, I’ll carry you.” I said. We walked back in this position, until Tanya took over and brought Rin to her room for some treatment. I got back to my room for some rest, I was tired. She might have lost but she had not made it easy on me and I could clearly feel the aches across my body.
Idiota 19 years ago
This is Chapter 5 of my story.

Chapter 5: The Raid

“Joshua… Joshua… Your time has come… I am Furia, Goddess of Battle, I command you to start living your life. Get ready for combat, for your quest is about to start…”

I woke up. I had heard screaming. “Bandits! Everyone, run for y…” The scream ended with a scream of great pain. I jumped out of bed, put my clothing on, wrapped my bandana around my head and rushed to my weapons closet. I grabbed the dual daggers and my katana and rushed through the hallway. I saw my sister running down the stairs. I jumped out through the open window. I saw two men trying to breach the front door, so I threw my two daggers while I was falling. I had practised on this, so both daggers hit the target. The other man heard his mate collapsing to the ground and turned around. He ran straight at me, while holding his spear in front of him, to try and pierce me. I faked dodging to the left and dodged for real to the right. The spear went past my side and I used the time I had gained to thrust my katana into his stomach. The man dropped his spear and collapsed to the ground. There he coughed up some blood before he died. I walked towards the other man, the one who was hit by my daggers and thrust my sword into his chest, to finish it. I pulled out my daggers, cleaned them and put them back in their holsters. I looked around. The buildings of the village were all on fire, wives were screaming for their lost men and children. Blood was everywhere, on the dead men and children. The bandits had planned this for months. “Maybe there are people at the shops” I heard Rin saying from behind me. “Yes, she’s probably right…” I thought “IF any resistance is to be found, it would be there.” I spoke out loud “We don’t have time to wait for Sir William and Lady Hadhorse. Let’s hurry!”

We ran as fast as we could. We encountered some more bandits along the way, but they were killed easily. The bandit’s were not very good fighters. They were no match to us. When we almost got to the shops, we saw what seemed to be their leader distributing weapons amongst about 15 bandits. “Time to get serious” I whispered. “I’m better at one on one fighting, so I’ll take their leader. You take care of the rest.” “Ok sure. Shape shift!” Rin shouted. She ran at the not expecting bandits. I threw my daggers, aiming for the necks of two bandits. I took out my katana and shouted “Dual weapon!” and “Lighten object!” I jumped up in the air. I saw Rin slaughtering a bandit and noticed one of the two daggers I threw hit their target. I couldn’t see the other one. I dived at my opponent and swung my katana at him. He noticed me falling down and blocked me with his buckler. He swung his short sword at me, but I had anticipated this and changed the way I was holding my right katana into dagger style. I had dodged his attack, but now his knee was heading towards my head. I positioned my right foot behind his and took the hit. I punched the bandit in the face with the hand which held my katana as a dagger. At the same time, I pulled my foot in my direction and the bandit had to step back with his other foot in order not to fall. This had freed my left katana and his buckler was in the wrong position to block a dual attack. I slashed his shoulder with my left katana and “stabbed” him in the neck with the other one. The bandit got fatally wounded, as my sword went through his lungs and his heart. I removed my real sword from his shoulder and the other one vanished. I was about to help Rin with the remaining bandits, when they fled. I looked around and saw all bandits leaving the houses and fled through the west-gate. I relaxed and together we collected the bandit loot and I collected my daggers. We walked to the stores and saw Flin, the weapon shop owner. “Hey there Flin!” I yelled. The man looked at me and said “what’s in the bag, Josh?” I opened my bag and showed it to him “Is anything in this bag yours? We raided it from some bandits we killed.” I saw the suspicious face of Flin turn into a happy face “I can’t believe it; you have found some of my stolen armours!” “Rin here has some weapons, they might belong to you.” Rin opened her bag and showed it to him. Flin, due to his greedy nature, said that it all belonged to him. We couldn’t do anything but believe him. “I’m in a generous mood, so you two can pick a weapon or armour from the loot.” I looked through the stuff and saw something that caught my eye. It looked like a katana, but then longer. It seemed well crafted and new, so I asked Flin what it was. “That’s a dai katana. A katana is considered a Dai katana when it exceeds a certain length, this one is long, even for a Dai katana and it’s a real piece of craftsmanship and I’m going to have to ask you to put your old sword on the table as a trade. It’s way too valuable to give away.” He replied. I agreed and he gave me the fine weapon. It certainly was a nice piece, that’s for sure. Rin picked a chain mail, light, but sturdy, she said and we went back to the house. It seemed that the mansion was the only unharmed building in the village. William said the corpses we had left scared off the other bandits, so they didn’t have any trouble inside the house. We had a cup of tee and helped the other villagers to clean up the mess for the rest of the night.
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The introduction chapters are over and it's time to get this story started

Chapter 6: The Big Day

I feel like I’m locked up in this town. I have nobody to test my skills on, except my sister. But I can’t harm her. I’ll never be able to. I have to leave this place, I’m sick of waiting…

“Sir Hadhorse, do you think I’m ready to compete in the Kindrake tournament?” I asked. “Young Joshua, I thought you would never ask. I think you were ready two years ago, but now, I have a feeling you can win it!” He said. “You think so? I’ll leave tomorrow then. I guess my sister would like to go with me. I’ll go prepare myself then.”

It didn’t take long before we departed from Drewdale. The road to Kindrake takes about 5 days on foot. On day two, we had an encounter with a fizzla, a huge reptile. He was extremely fast, but he lacked power. He ran away when he saw us. The rest of the trip went smoothly and we arrived in Kindrake.

As we entered the huge city through the gates I saw the arena, it was huge, and the stands rose up far into the sky. There were towers and the entrance was great. The arena was in the northern part of the city, as I was told by a guard and I had to sign in at a small building next to it In order to enter. The tournament started in a week and until then, we stayed at the inn. The next day, I saw that there was a female special tournament. I was relieved I wouldn’t have to fight her. After a week had passed, it was my turn.

As I entered the huge arena, I was filled with awe. The seats weren’t totally filled – I was still a new fighter – but I didn’t care. I stood in the middle of a huge arena, covered with sand. A 5 meters high wall separated the stand from the arena, the people were cheering for my opponent, who was last year’s finalist, I heard later. I saw the city’s chief in a separate part of the arena, slicing his arm with a holy knife. I also saw my sister, sitting on the stands to my left. The slicing was part of the ritual and I knew the battle was about to start. The chief threw a stick into the arena and as soon as it hit the ground, I rushed towards my opponent. I pulled my dai katana out and shouted “Shadow duplicate” as I pulled a shadow sword out and “Lighten object!” Just before I got to my opponent, he jumped up, high, pulled his bow out, and dived right at me, while shooting 2 arrows simultaneously. I dodged to the right and threw my shadow sword at him. I jumped over him and threw my other sword in flight. I grabbed my daggers still in flight and threw them when I was about to land. The first sword missed and I caught it again. The second missed too and was stuck in the ground. One of my daggers hit their target, though and it hit him in his left leg. He shot an arrow and I dodged it. After I dodged it, I got hit by another arrow – I later got told that that was the same skill that I used, shadow duplicate - in my stomach and I nearly collapsed to the floor. He was about to shoot again, I noticed, so I ran towards the wall. I heard him firing 2 arrows again using my exceptional perception and jumped up. I landed on the wall and I pushed off to fly real fast at my opponent, using my gravity skill to stay in the air. The guy was reloading, so he shouted”Stop! I give up!” I landed again, looked at the chief and he shouted “I am merciful with your soul, so please leave the arena.” The crowd got silent and got back on their seats. I saw my sister nodding. I walked to the exit, leading to a hospital compartment. There I got nursed and got ready for my second battle of the day.
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Chapter 7: Wounds of battle

It was my turn again. Out of 16 contesters, only 8 are still standing. I was up against Roy the Great, as he called himself. There was something very special about Roy. You see. Roy was a barbarian. I don’t know anything about them, but it seems that they are very strong, in which way I don’t know.

As I entered the arena, I saw Roy. I immediately knew why he survived the first round. Roy was 5 meters tall when standing and 3 meters tall when squatted. He held one claymore sword in each hand and had leather armour. The crowd was faintly cheering for me, but they didn’t expect me to win. My sister looked worried; I could tell it by her face. I heard the sound of a stick dropping on the floor and then enormous footsteps. The battle had commenced. I pulled my dai katana out and yelled “Dual sword!” and “Lighten weapon!” The barbarian cam running at me, yelling war cries. “I guess it is time for me to test my new abilities…” I thought. I ran straight at the barbarian. When we were about to collide, the barbarian swung his swords at me, but I had already used the force to lighten myself and easily evaded the massive swords. The left a crater in the ground, but I didn’t pay attention. I jumped up and when I was about to swing my katanas at him, when he used his head to give me a headbutt. I flew through the air like a bird, as I was still lightened and nearly crashed in the wall, if it wasn’t for my skills. The crowd was cheering for me now. I felt blood dripping from my head as I ran at the barbarian again. Again he swung his swords at me and again I easily evaded them. This time, I quickly pulled out my daggers and threw them at the critical spots in the barbarians elbow. The barbarian was stuck in the ground with his swords and had to let them go in order to dodge the daggers, which still hit him in the lower arms. I used the time I had gained to jump up, light as a feather and twist kicked the barbarian in the face with my heavier leg. I hen threw both katanas in his chest and landed in front of him. The barbarian, wounded as he was, collapsed on the ground. When I thought I had won, I was wrong. The barbarian got back on his feet. He was barely able to stand, but he did. I was surprised, but I had another plan figured out already. The crowd was now completely going wild, cheering for me like madmen, chanting ancient battle songs and my sister was cheering for me too. The barbarian, now weaponless, rushed straight at me again. I had thought he would, so I pretended I was frozen in fear. The barbarian, dumb as he was, believed he had cornered my and came rushing at me even faster. When he was about over his claymores, I yelled “Magnet field!” while pointing at the claymore. The claymore was transformed into a very powerful negative magnet and the ground below it in a very strong positive magnet, causing the sword to be literally launched into the barbarian. As the cling of the sword was made out of wood, the blade tip, being metal, pointed upwards. The sword got very deep into the barbarian and the barbarian just collapsed on the ground. I pulled the other claymore out of the ground and thrusted it into the barbarian’s heart, to make sure he was dead. The crowd went wild. They screamed my name and I saw my sister doing the same. I retrieved my dai katana and my daggers and cleaned them. There was a day break between the quarter finals and the half finals, so after I had been nursed I went back to the hotel.

My sister was there waiting for me, so I took this chance to ask her when the female tournament would start. “It’ll be held a day after the finals of the men tournaments. Be sure to watch me fighting! I was very proud of the way you defeated that barbarian. That was very tiring, as I can see by the look on your face. You should rest, as tomorrow’s fight is probably even tougher.” I went to bed and fell asleep instantly.
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Chapter 8: Answers

The next day, I had the whole morning until the next battle started, so I went to the stores. My sister was away, so I assumed she was training. I entered the armourer store and asked if he wanted to teach me how to enchant a weapon. “For a price, I am willing to do that. It will cost you, let’s say… 100 gold pieces and all that you break or use.” Me, having 2000 gold coins in my pocket (a gift from the Hadhorses) totally agreed. “Can we start now?” I asked “sure!” he replied. “Let me get the tools needed.” We went downstairs and got to a room where all smith tools were located. The armourer grabbed a transparent, brown object and said “this is what enchanting is all about. It is called a gemstone. There are five types of gemstones, green (Bio), blue (gravity), yellow (weather), red (Mass) and brown (energy). I currently have plenty of gemstones of all types and they are not very expensive, only 20 gold pieces per use. The type of gemstone determines what you can do with it. There is no relation between your born specialisation and the one in your weapon. Now let’s get started. We’ll start with a piece of metal and a blue gemstone. All you have to do is make the piece red-hot and start hammering the gemstone in it using this hammer. Try it now. It’s not that hard.” I picked up a piece of metal and dropped it in the hot furnace. After 5 minutes, the piece was red-hot, so I took it out with a tool and started bashing the blue gemstone with my hammer. “You can stop now, the gemstone has melted on the piece of metal, as you can see. Put the metal in the cold water and look at it afterwards” I did what he said and noticed the metal was emitting a blue light. “That’s how you can see a weapon has been imbued. Notice anything else?” I did. I could control the weight of the metal. “It seems I can control the weight of the piece of metal” I said “Correct. I will now enchant your weapon, as it is harder to do with real swords. Which one do you want?” “What does the brown one do?” I asked “It either heats up the weapon or chills the weapon.” He replied. “I think I want a brown one in my dai katana and 2 blue ones in my daggers.” I said “sure thing. Just wait upstairs, they’ll be finished in a second.”

I walked to the arena with a new chain mail, a light helmet and enchanted weaponry. I had a good feeling about the coming battle and it was about time for me to fight. My weapon was on fire now, so I had to purchase a new holder, made from rings of stone. I entered the arena through the back gate. I was the first Knight to arrive there and I awaited my opponent. He walked in through the other entrance, before he stopped walking and stared at me. I did exactly the same to him. It was Greg, the one who betrayed me. He had expensive armour, chain mail, chain gloves, steel boots, chain greaves, leather pauldrons and a steel helmet. He wielded a lightweight metal fighting stick. I pulled out my katana when the stick hit the ground and pulled out a shadow duplicate – I could perform these skills without shouting now – and rushed at Greg. My rage only made fighting easier, as we had some things to set straight. Greg smashed his stick in the ground and caused what seemed like an earthquake. I jumped up into the air and dived straight at Greg. He dodged to the right and tried to slam me in the chest with his stick. I blocked the attempt with my sword and the metal of the stick started to glow. I used my other sword to attack his head, but the other end of the stick blocked it. Greg pushed me off and pulled the far ends of the stick off, revealing two sharp blades. “It’s about time to use another technique.” I thought. I threw my swords up in the air and pulled out my daggers. I threw them up too and jumped after my daggers. I kicked both of my daggers and they flew through the air heading for Greg. He got ready to block the daggers, but he didn’t expect me to make my daggers heavier in-flight. The daggers changed course and one bounced of Greg’s armour, but the other on hit him in a small piece of unprotected shoulder and disabled his arm. I caught my swords and dived straight at Greg again. The crowd held their breath as I performed the technique I called “Dance of Death” It seemed like an all out attack, but I changed my course right before impact. I turned around my axis and kicked the weapon out of Greg’s hand. By doing this, I had manoeuvred my left arm in position and bashed Greg’s head with my elbow, knowing my katana would just bounce off his armour. Greg was now off balance and he tripped over a rock. He fell on the ground and I used opportunity to thrust my sword under his left shoulder pauldron. Greg screamed in pain “It burns! It burns! Pull it out!” but I wasn’t done yet. I pulled off Greg’s helmet and chopped his head off. I took Greg’s boots, gloves, helmet and greaves as I could use them myself and we had about the same size. I went into the back area of the arena and awaited the finale. I didn’t regret what I had done.
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Here's the finale of the first tournament.


Chapter 9: The grand finale

The next match was beginning 30 minutes after the half finals, so I put on the looted gear – a perfect fit – and got ready to battle. As I entered the huge arena, the first thing I noticed was how many people were cheering for me. I saw alot of signs that people actually support me. I would never have thought I would get this far in the tournament. When I saw my opponent, I noticed how huge he was. He did not seem very impressed about me. I took my place on the other side of the arena and awaited the signal of the city chief. The chief was currently performing the traditional slicing in his skin and I knew the match was about to start. As I stared at the stands, I saw my sister crying on a bench. “She must be worried as hell about me” I thought. “Do not worry sis, I will not lose!’ As the chief gave the signal, I sliced through the air, rushing towards my opponent, he did the opposite. He ran away like a chicken. I increased my speed and ran after him, ‘I am gaining on him’ I thought. When I was about to slash his torso, he turned around and was about to pierce me on his sword! I blocked his attempt, but there was something with the slash that made his sword ignore there was even a sword in its way. I would have been pierced if I didn’t evade. I pulled a second sword out of the original and got ready to charge. He threw some cross shaped stars at me. I caught one with my bare hands and the rest bounced off my armour. I charged at him and used a new skill. I continuously pulled out shadow stars out of the real one and threw them at my opponent. He had good armour too and they bounced off. He laughed and charged at me. I suddenly threw the real one and after, I threw my shadow sword. I charged at him while pulling out another shadow sword. He blocked the sword and charged at me. There was no doubt he used mass manipulation techniques. His sword must be enchanted with something. Our weapons clashed. I thought I saw something weird. It seemed as air was coming out of his sword with high speed. No wonder he could easily cut through my defence. I jumped over my enemy. I was within his range, so he swung his sword at me. I suddenly dropped down at high speed and prepared to strike him with my sword. I got hit by one of the airflows and I flew 3 meters back. I stood up and rushed towards him again. I threw some shadow daggers, but he blocked them all. I kept attacking him, but I got pushed back all the times I tried to. It was real tiring, but I wouldn’t give up this fight. So I decided it was time for me to start risking my life. I used the force to speed me up and strengthen myself. I charged at my doe and made some evasive manoeuvres. I jumped in the air and when I saw him preparing his skill, I dived towards him. When he swung his arm to create a wave of air, I started running in circles around him. I started throwing shadow swords at a rate that he couldn’t keep up with. They seemed to bounce off his armour so I kept throwing swords. It was a matter of time until one of us fainted by exhaustion. My foe used a 360 degree airwave attack and I smashed into the wall at the other side of the arena. My powers were drained, but I wouldn’t give up. The crowd was all silent. The tension of this fight prevented them from speaking. I made a final charge at my opponent. He was kneeled on the ground. He stood up and got ready to charge too. He would have, but the crowd screamed that he had to look behind him, as a dark dust begun to form. He was focussed on me, so he didn’t notice. Suddenly, he was lifted up from the ground. He looked behind him. There it was, a dark metal sword pointing out from his heart. He was just wondering what had happened, when blood started pouring out. I stared in disbelief. The shadow took out the sword and placed it on his foe’s left shoulder. Then he quickly slashed the sword to the right shoulder. The body just dropped to the ground without its head. The shadow transformed into dust and got taken away by the wind. Then I began to feel sleepy. I looked down and saw blood flowing out from my left side richly. The last slam in the wall had opened my body. I laughed and started dozing away. I had been watching the shadow without noticing I was wounded. That was so funny, so I soon fainted, while laughing very hard.

There I was again, standing in the blood-covered arena again. The goddess of battle approached with the corpse of my dead foe. She laughed and said “Scared, weren’t you? This is what happens if you use the force too much or too long” She drained the corpse of blood and she spread it across the arena. The corpse then splattered and the pieces were absorbed by the sand. “I guess you understand what keeps the sand soaked with blood now.” She said it like it was the most common thing in the world. “You did pretty fair in that battle. The shadow had almost come for you, but the other knight had used his powers for the whole battle already. It’s time for you to return. I’m hoping to see your sister soon. ”

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Here's a new chapter. I call it a "break" between the male and the female tournaments. Jshua meets a new person and falls in love with her

Chapter 10: In love

I woke up laying in a bed. The bed was hard and it smelled, so I figured I must have been taken to the medical treatment inside the arena. My left side was bandaged and my bandana was replaced with a band-aid. I had a huge head ache. Must have been the last impact with the wall too. I had dreamed, I knew that. I just couldn’t remember what it was about, although I knew it was a nightmare. Just when I was about to stand up, a pretty young woman walked in. She was about 21, 20 years old and had blond hair. She was wearing a doctor outfit, so I figured she had been taking care of me. She was just beautiful. I could really sink in those big, grey eyes. “Hi… oh…” She had already left. Stupid me, to let such a chance slip away! I was just no good with woman, never been any good.

I walked to the centre of the city under the afternoon sun. The award ceremony would start after the female tournament, so I had until Rin’s fight to entertain myself. It was an old city and the centre of it has always been there, so it was very old. The houses had no stone in them and were cramped together. I walked into my inn and ordered some chicken. While I was eating my chicken, the woman that I saw earlier walked in. I stared at her. Suddenly, she noticed me staring and I almost chocked in the chicken as she was staring right into my eyes. She looked away again and talked to the innkeeper. She was now wearing black leather shoes with brown leather pants. She was also wearing a black cotton jacket with a white shirt under it. “I will not mess up this time!” I thought. “I want to talk to her so badly. Alright, approach her, Josh, just do it!” “But I can’t!” I replied to myself “No way I’m going to approach her!” “Do you mind if I sit next to you?” I heard a woman’s voice saying. I almost jumped up in the air, but I managed to stay sitting on the bench. “Eh… sure.” When she sat next to me, she asked my name. “I am Joshua Osgar, but you can just call me Josh.” “So, you are a member of the Osgar family?” She asked. “Yes, but I am one of the last living two members of the outcast branch. What is your name?” “I am Kari Mensal.” She said. “I saw your fight with Garo. He was last years champion and has won a rank 7 tournament too. You were badly injured, so you were lucky I am from Gonian.” “Well, yeah, I suppose so.” I said. “What are you doing in this city anyway?” “Me and my family wanted to move here when I was young. They all got killed by the bandits, but I managed to hide in the bushes. The bandits looted all we had, so I came here looking for work. I am a doctor now and a good one at it too. Tell me about you, what are you doing here?” she asked “I was here for the tournament. I have always dreamed of becoming a knight and now, I have completed the first step of becoming one. I am here with my sister, she is going to fight in the female tournament. She is very strong, although not as tough as I am.” “How come you are so sure about that?” She laughed “I bet you just say that to impress me.” “In the last training battle we had, I was the victor. It wasn’t an all out battle, but it was enough to prove I was the stronger one.” We talked a bit for the rest of the afternoon, until we both went home.

We walked to the door and when I was about to open it, a man slammed the door right in my face. I fell on the floor. My nose was bleeding because of the impact with the door and my head was bleeding because of the impact with the floor. It was getting darker and darker. “Don’t let him pass out!” I heard Kari shouting. “I am a doctor, kick him awake!” I felt someone kicking me in the side, so I growled and moved away. I tried to stand up, but Kari held me on the floor. “Turn that table upside down and get over here!” She asked the innkeeper for a room and he quickly gave her the key. I was put on the table and carried away. I was continuously slapped to be kept awake, until we got to the room and I was dropped on a bed. “You can leave the room now, thank you for carrying him here.” The 3 men left the room and we were alone. “What a stupid accident. Here, let me take that off.” She said while removing my band-aid. She was touching me and I could forget about the blood and the pain just because of that. The band-aid was removed and I felt her hands on the back of my head. I felt… strange now. I could feel the bleeding stopping. “I have to go get something for your nose, I’ll be right back.” I waited. She came back with some paper. She started wiping off blood from my face. She got very close to me and looked inside my eyes. I stared back and we kissed. I somehow knew how to kiss, although I had never done that before. After we were done, I said I would go to the kitchen to clean off the rest of the blood. When I came back, I saw that Kari had fallen asleep on the chair and had felt on the bed. I crawled under the blankets and moved her head on my chest. I fell asleep In that position.
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Chapter 11: Late

I had been awake for an hour now. The sun was shining bright. Normally, I would have gotten out of bed at this time, but Kari was still asleep. I didn’t want to wake her, because she had completely exhausted herself yesterday. She has used shadow disciplines to heal me, there was no doubt in that. But using this to heal me must have been extremely tiring for her body. It was about time for me to get out of bed, for the match of Rin was about to start and we had agreed to meet each other in front of the entrance half an hour before it started. The match should start in an hour. “Kari, wake up” I said while poking her with my finger. “What time is it?” she mumbled. “It’s almost noon already so we must hurry to see my sisters match.” Kari jumped up when I said that and started gathering her stuff. “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier? I wouldn’t have minded that!” “You were and still are tired from yesterday, so I figured you would need all the sleep you could get. There’s no need to worry yet, so let’s make us a quick breakfast and get going.” I said while I ran downstairs. I went to the Inn’s kitchen and snatched some bread away. When I reached the Inn room, Kari had already ordered some water and we quickly ate the bread. After finishing breakfast, we hurried outside and went to the arena.

“Do we have anything to eat with us?” I asked. “Why do you have to think of food in times like this? Cant you just hold out for a day without it?” I figured she was right. We reached the arena half an hour late, so Rin was no longer there. “Let’s hurry inside.” I had to pay to get inside, for I was a spectator. Kari worked her, so she could get in free. “I must go to my boss, see you soon!” Kari said while running to the back entrance. I went to the stands and saw that the match was about to start. I waved at my sister, but she didn’t see me. She was up against a small woman, but I couldn’t see anything special from this distance. The city chief was cutting in his wrist and threw a stick into the arena. The stick hit the ground and Rin went for it. She pulled out some throwing knifes and rushed for her opponent. The other woman used dual daggers as her weapons and ran at Rin. Rin shape shifted into a half wolf shape and threw her knifes. She then pulled out her daggers and evaded to the left. The other woman had blocked the knifes and ran after Rin. She followed her to the wall. She misjudged Rin’s speed completely, so Rin turned around amazingly fast and used her agility to literally tear her opponent apart. Her daggers went in and out a couple of times, before the other woman collapsed and Rin returned to her normal shape. She left the arena.

After 3 minutes, the next fighters entered the arena. Again, there was nothing special to see about them from this distance. As soon as the stick hit the ground, the air turned dark and very foggy. The weather changed completely and more fog came down from above. The woman to the right vanished in the fog. I couldn’t see a thing. It was quiet for a minute, until I heard weapons clashing and the arena was lit because lightning struck a woman. The scream of pain was terrifying and continued for 3 seconds. After the scream, the fog lessened, until it vanished and the weather turned normal again. The woman that had summoned the fog was now nothing more then a burning corpse. The other woman left the arena and the corpse was removed. There was a short break now. I wasn’t allowed to leave my seat as a spectator, so I didn’t. I heard from a couple to my right that the next match was going to be an exciting one. The last year’s champion was up against “the Gonian” I figured the Gonian was my sister so I said a quick prayer to Lufia. I had forgotten to honour her this morning, I now realised. I hoped things would turn out good.

The two women entered the arena. Rin was searching for me. She found me and I waved her good luck. The other woman was really tough, I could see that. She had no real armour, but I figured she didn’t win the tournament last year with just luck. The crowd cheered for the last year’s champion, of course, but I knew Rin was going to win. The other woman used a flail as her weapon. I had never seen anybody wield such a thing, so this fight might prove to be quite useful. I didn’t knew where the other person came from and so did Rin. The stick was thrown into the arena. It hit the ground and the two women ran at each other. Rin shape shifted into a half wolf again and increased her speed. She pulled out her daggers and multiplied herself. 3 Rin’s were now running towards the other woman. Her flail swung and a duplicate got smashed into the wall with tremendous power. The other two now saw a weakness, but a shadow flail hit them both. The real Rin smashed into the wall. Rin was dizzy but the other woman ran at her. Rin enlarged herself with her skills, until she was 3 meters tall. She just smashed her opponent with one of her huge claws, but she wasn’t finished yet. Her fury was now unleashed and she didn’t stop hitting her opponent in the face. Each hit left several bleeding cuts on her opponent’s body, most of them in the face. The claws couldn’t be blocked without a shield; it was just a matter of time before Rin finished it. The duplicate that still had her daggers neared from the back and stabbed Rin’s opponent in the back with both daggers. It was now finished, but Rin also collapsed. The other woman died, so Rin was the victor, but she had to be carried away to the doctors.
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Chapter 12: Flashback

A break was planned now, so the next match would start tomorrow. I stood up from my seat and walked to the nursery. More people were leaving, but not through the back entrance. I slipped through the door that wasn’t locked. I wasn’t allowed to be here, Once I got there, I heard voices coming from the room to my right. I peeked through the chink of the door and saw two men talking to each other. They seemed awfully familiar…

A loud scream echoed through the hall, but the two men didn’t respond. The scream came from the room on the other side of the hall. I slowly walked to the door. I waited, but I didn’t hear it again. I opened the door and entered another hall. I looked back, but the hall I came from had changed into a room. A room that seemed awfully familiar. Under the blankets I saw my younger self waking up. He stood up and walked out of the room. I followed him. Another scream, this time it was more like a war cry, followed by the high voice of a girl. I followed myself to the main room. I saw the door was battered and a trail of blood led outside. I felt pain in my head, it was all coming back to me! More screams came from outside, but the younger me went to my sister’s room, to check upon her. “Now’s the chance…” I thought “… to see what happened to my parents!” I ran outside, but I was held by invisible hands, keeping me inside. I struggled with my invisible opponents and screamed “Mom! Dad! I’m coming!” I started hitting at the places where their heads should be and I felt I was actually hitting something. I felt bones crushing under my fist and a set of invisible hands let go. “Let me go! Mom! Dad! Where are you?” I screamed. I was hit in the face hard and everything started to spin.

I was back in the real world. I looked up and I saw Kari together with 2 men – different from the two I had seen – holding my tight. A third man held a wooden bar in his hand. His cheek was bleeding. Kari had several injuries as well and the other man looked a bit confused, like he was about to faint. “H… hey… what’s wrong?” Kari stepped forward and punched me in the face. The other three jumped at me. I struggled back and started hitting the two men again. They tried harder, until I realised they thought I was possessed or something. “Stop it! I’m normal again! You can let me go now!” I shouted. I rubbed my cheek. Blood was flowing richly from it and I figured that was where I was hit with the bar. “I’m sorry I had hit you, but I wasn’t myself for a while.” I got free again and stood up. “It was nothing, really just a… a… a heatstroke!” The two men left and Kari approached me. “Something tells me you are lying, but we’ll drop it for now.” She kissed me and said “Let’s go to your sister, I heard she is awake now.” “She is in bad shape, I have heard. Is she alright now?” “She is currently trying to stand up after being told she couldn’t. I would say you two look like each other.” She said while winking at me.

We walked to the end of the hall and entered the door to our left. There, I saw Rin, desperately trying to stand up, but she couldn’t. She was in bad shape and she needed to rest. We went to her and asked how she felt. “There was something special about that woman that made her incredibly strong. All my injuries came from that smack with the wall.” Kari felt her arm and I could clearly hear something cracking. “Your arm is broken, you cannot fight tomorrow.” Rin looked at Kari as if she had seen a ghost. “No matter what…” she said. “… I will fight tomorrow, in the finale!” “You cannot fight! There is no way! I cant help you and so can the other doctors and if you refuse to see that, well fine! Just remember that I had warned you when you get sliced into tiny little pieces!” Kari stormed out of the room. She sure was mad. Rin gave me a what’s-with-her-look. “She is so right about what she said. Remember that, I do not want to lose you.” I left the room as well. I really didn’t want to lose my sister, not here and not ever. My senses told me she would fight anyway. Let’s just hope lady Furia supports her. She is the goddess of battle, let’s hope she spares her life. I suddenly remembered that dream I had. I had a bad feeling about this. A really bad feeling…
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