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Screen Problems

Kitty9000 21 years ago
I have today downloaded the Windows XP version of Magebane... in the beginning i had that curser problem but the faster mouse thing fixed that but now i have another problem... when i am making my charaters it flashes everything VERY quickly and repeatedly... this wasn't much of a problem but then i got into the game and the very first screen where you start the game... here is where i had problems.. first off the scroll is WAY too fast and then i get that "trail" effect... where the circles of the charaters would make a trail after themselves and never refresh... any suggests?... it looks like a great game and i'm an advide fant/rpg game player... thanks
ville 21 years ago
A strange problem. Apparently the z-buffer doesn't clear itself at all. You may be able to solve the problem by setting your z-buffer bitdepth to another setting in your 3d card's drivers.

You can also try if a different version of drivers might help.

I'm not sure if these suggestions help though, but I hope they do!
Forum » Screen Problems

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