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The possibilities of Notrium modding

INFERNUS 8 years ago
Hey all!

We all saw how ZeXLR8er's Wazzal II mod surprised us all with how awesome and far can Notrium modding go, from visiting and landing on various planets, massive landscape and space battles, controllable spaceships and various vehicles, shops, allies, airstrikes, maps(As in this) and pirating civilians, to occupying and convincing the poor primates to fight alongside you against the aliens, and more interesting things.

I always worked on some complex mods in my past (which I all abandoned sadly :I ) with unique and interesting mechanics, but this mod just tops everything. I would of never guessed that Notrium can be modded into a scary survival horror game.

I have worked on it for a lazy one and a half years, with my inspiration spiking up and down every other month. I wish to present you the capabilities of how far modding can go (And what can you expect when I finish it after at least another year ):

Stuck inside a massive ship drifting trough space, with main power out and low supplies, you need to find out what happened to you as you just woke up years after being placed into cryogenic chamber. Sorry, but I wont spoil the rest of the story, the point is to figure out the story as you progress trough the game.

There will be a lot of creative ways to win and loose the game, depending on your actions. This will boost the replayability of the game as doing something different may take you to completely different ending.

The map is huge. With 5 and more massive departments with each having few decks, maintenance tunnels between them and vent shafts. (I counted, and -minimum- amount would be at least 110 maps... 5 maps are somewhat finished) All can be visited and accessed whenever you want (Provided you get the required equipment to reach inside) to access areas you previously couldn't.

It's dark, scary (Well, as scary as 2D top-down game can be) and really hard.
As you can see, this simple addition makes everything scarier! You will always worry if something is following you behind your back!

The opposite side of where you face is barely visible.

The combination of limited vision, blurriness and blindness from pain, horror/dark drones and soundscapes, smooth animation (33 animations for doors...), screams and growls, ...disturbing screams and growls when something is dying or fighting for it's life..., realistic-ish combat and medicine, lack of power, broken and flicking lights (Red emergency lights adds a lot of immersion) and constant need of supplies and weapons will make you think twice of every action you wish to take.

You will never be safe, no matter how well equipped you are, or how much supplies you have, there will always be something stronger than you lurking in the shadows...

(Ville, we need a hardcore difficulty where it deletes your saves on death!)

Advanced medicine:
No more universal health packs to instantly heal yourself in the heat of the battle.
There are 4 types of damage you can receive plus some extra factors that can impact them, such as radiation and blood loss.

The damage types range from brute force trauma, burns, toxins and respiration issues.
-Brute force trauma: Getting stabbed, hit or slashed by an object. Sharp objects may cause you to bleed.
-Burns: Getting burned by acid or fire. You can even get radiation burns.
-Toxins: Certain neurotoxins can get into your bloodstream. Radiation deals toxin damage depending on severity.
-Respiration issues: Caused by low blood count, hanging in airless rooms without oxygen tank or some special neurotoxins. Heals by itself when out of danger.

-Pain: Each damage type causes specific amount of pain. Burns are much more painful then burns for example. Excessive pain will slow you down and may even temper with your vision.

Getting injured will require you to use the specific healing item to heal that type of damage.
Healing is also not instant. You need to wait still to apply the item (Moving will cancel it), and when done, it will slowly heal you.

Some medical equipment that can be found inside medical cabinets.

Dropping your health to negative side will get you in critical state, and if it runs out, you are dead. The less health you have, the sooner you will die, you will need to quickly heal up. That timer slowly recovers so another critical state wont last that long as you were already previously wounded.

About to die. Didn't have enough medical equipment to get myself out of critical condition. The health analyzer shows hidden health values.

Medical equipment is hard to come by and limited. You will think twice when trying to stab something twice your size to death with a screwdriver.

No more running in the opposite direction and shooting at your targets!
Running backwards now slows you down significantly, and of course, you cannot see behind your back so you may easily bump into a wall and ensure your doom.

The can use almost every single tool as a weapon, such as screwdriver, crowbar, wire cutter or a simple metal stick. The !fun! thing is that every item can also break down and has its own durability, so save them for the bigger targets. Some weapons take time to swing, some slow you down when swinging, it is entirely up to you to which weapon you will use.

Makeshift weapons are also a thing. You can craft bombs, traps, metal spears, stun prods and various other things from materials that can be found pretty much anywhere.

Ranged weapons are rare and have limited ammo, and should only be used when needed. The reloading system is also in which lets you swap between any type of ammo you have. Shotguns, for example, have 4 shell types.

Each creature has specific armor values. Some are better protected against blunt damage, some against sharp, and some even against stuns and knockdowns. Swinging large weapons such as crowbars may knock out some weak opponents, so they will become easy pray.

Now, this isn't just going forward, swing your weapon and head back so it doesn't reach you.
Creatures will charge at or past you and try to flank you by jumping to the sides when ever they feel like it. You can never predict what its next move will be, meaning that they can charge past you and leave your back exposed for another creature to attack you, or simply charge directly into you and rip you to pieces (It is also pretty scary...).
Each creature is specific with it's armor value, attack and tactic. It might take some time to find the perfect weapon against them.

Some will be so very tough to beat, so you will have to run away from them and come back with better equipment.

Resources are distributed randomly inside the departments, depending on difficulty.
They are mostly found inside containers, which get transparent when you get near.

Two food vendors and medical cabinets.

Items inside those containers.

Storage is another important aspect of the game. The more space you have in your backpack, jumpsuit and suit, the more you can carry. You might end up choosing between an armored west with no suit slots or jacket with no protection, but some free space inside of them.

Eating and drinking is important for stamina to recover quickly and to move as fast as possible. While you cannot starve to death, going into combat while starving will severely impact your abilities.

Using items and eating/drinking takes time to complete and you can cancel the task as soon as you move if something jumps on you. This means that you must always be ready, and that you cannot do many tasks while fighting. Starving also prevents natural healing.

Lightsticks, flares and bombs can be thrown at distance you specify. The longer you hold the mouse button, the further it will move. This will allow you to carefully aim your weapon or light stick at position you want it to land.

Each device has it's own battery source that requires you to replace it every time it runs out. This means that you can load 3 flashlights and just flick the other one when the first one depletes.

The engine, lights and pretty much anything can be repaired.

Radiation leaks, biochemical toxins, anomalies and breached parts are all over the ship. Using protective gear such as Geiger counter, EVA/radiation/biochemical suit, oxygen tank and mask, and many more devices will alert you of danger on time, or even fully protect you against it.

There is a lot more of that in the works, and a lot more that is not shown in here.
Just want to get everyone hyped! I might actually finish this mod, or even an alpha version of it this year, depending on how much free time I have.

I hope you like what you saw!

Edited 8 years ago
ville 8 years ago
I'm hyped!
Notrium2Please (guest) 8 years ago
Looks Incredible. Keep it up
Bladekill1298 7 years ago
this looks amazing
Quanrian 7 years ago
Ultimately modding in Notrium just means creating a 2d game within the constraints of the engine and it's that is pretty broad honestly since I nagged Ville to add anything and everything I thought one might use were they using a Game Maker instead. Sadly, only Ville knows about all the unreleased mods that were never made public for various reasons. If you haven't already, you should really try modding yourself Bladekill1298.
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