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Music Masterpiece

somename (guest) 1 year ago
just want to mention this masterpiece :

It never get away from my head once I heard it 15 years ago.

I posted it to my friends who played Wazzal like 10 years ago last time and they immediately recognize it and says "Oh my god, now I will have it again in my head" .
ville 1 year ago
Thank you! That was definitely the better one of the two soundtracks.

I've always been a huge fan of Star Control II, so I tried to imitate some of my favourite songs from that classic game. I actually went as far as trying to find similar samples, I remember it took me ages. Relistening to this some 15 years after I made it, I think it would be perfect for the modern mobile games that have music that is as disturbing and repetitive as possible, it's definitely memorable.
MageKing17 11 months ago
Oh yeah, those SC2 samples are really recognizeable. If I just heard it without the title I might've confused it for something off the SC2 soundtrack, in fact.
CraigMet 3 months ago
Such a cool piece... I just know I'll have this stuck in my head for a while. Great stuff, Ville!
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