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Moderating tips

ville 19 years ago
Making a thread sticky:
If it's your thread, you can just select it when posting the first post. If it's someone else's thread, edit the first post and select sticky.

About the moderating tools in the lower left corner.
I recommend you don't use the delete topic button, prefer to lock the topic. Unless it's something that shouldn't be seen by anyone.
You can use the move topic button to move topics between forums. For example when someone posts about their new bicycle in the Notrium forum.
The lock topic button you know already.
Split topic can be used for actually splitting topics. For example if there are two distinct discussions in a topic, you can separate them. I use it rarely because I find it difficult to use.
This tool can also be used for mass deletion of posts. Just move all the useless posts of the thread to a new one, then delete the new one.
ville 19 years ago
You can post in locked topics by clicking the button that usually says reply, but now says locked.
Idiota 19 years ago
How can I sticky a topic?
ZeXLR8er 19 years ago
Edit the first post, then change the button from 'Normal' to Sticky'. A little warning, though: before stickiing a topic, make abslutly certain that the thread really deserves sticky status. We already have almost too many stickies as it is.
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