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Wizard Duels Game

GuestGoingMad (guest) 1 year ago
Does anyone remember the name of an old game where the player picked a magic user and dueled other magic users, eventually fighting Death itself? I think it was on this site but I'm not sure. It's been driving me crazy for days now.
GuestGoingMad (guest) 12 months ago
It was 2D top-down, and I thought it was made by ville monkonen(spelling). The player would wait for mana to generate in order to cast spells, with more powerful spells costing more mana. There were shield spells, summoning spells, and attack spells like fireball. Some of the magic users were mage, witch doctor/shaman, ice witch, technolich, and I think there were more.

Let me know if I posted this in the wrong place. Thanks
ville 12 months ago
No idea what that could be, the closest I have is Magebane 2.
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