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Forum » Driftmoon. My IMHO on the game.

Driftmoon. My IMHO on the game.

DarthNihilus 9 years ago
This game sounds, looks and feels very oldskool. Thats why I liked it. A LOT. When I saw the screeens I immediately recalled the TechnoMage. Man, this should be cool, I thought.
And I wasn't disappointed. Driftmoon grew to my heart very close. I won't say like magazine journalists that ooooooh this game is unique. Every game is unique, look in the dictionary the meaning of the word.
The game has many easter eggs, I won't list'em here, 'cause it's dumb. If you met 'em, you know 'em. The most touching was a reference to Star Control.
The story of the game is very good developed. As for me. The dialogs, the quests, everything. I liked the holy writings in the game. And the Silver Feather hunting along with the object moving was a great fun. And the best thing is that the INVENTORY IS LIMITLESS!!!!!!!!!1111
I won't describe everything that i liked in the game 'cause it's personal, so - to the bad things now.
The game is VERY SHORT. The music almost never plays. The fact that I never had a chance to have a D'Gu companion is sad. I'm OK with the skill tree, but seems like there's no reason to improve Fizz's lightning above 1st level, because Fizz used the stun attack less then 10 times during the entire game. Also there is no point to spend points into Morale, because the enemies always attack the player, and if the companions even wanna to attack they never had a chance to catch up the foe. I know that making Feagle to fly along the path is very cool and everything from a point of view of a coder as myself BUT he better be capable fly through the walls because 3 -4 times during the game I would have died while Feagle was flying among the damn walls, if I haven't got a HP pot.
The fact that the resources renew timer doesn't count the between-area-travels is also not good. Oh yes, there is no use of the ticker recipes, because it's explodes in a radius and because enemies are all freaking sprinter from the Olympics championship, you just'll hurt yourself. But that is all nothing, compared to the main problem of the game. The main problem is that the Main Hero has NO directly relevant to saving the village and all. It would be cool to travel home, make something with the statues and revive them. Instead, the hero <spoiler>s the <spoiler>, it flashes and everything, and what's the outcome from a point of view of a villager - they stone-ified, then they are OK, and then those kids arrive claiming that they saved the world. As for me I wouldn't believe'em no, sir. Actually, I'm pissed off because I wanted to save Jazz. Personally. With my hands. Jazz. I gave a promise.

The most most most best moment of the game was with Hoki. God knows why but it was soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

And yes - after the abbey the companions didn't attacked the foes when I was rangeshooting them.

Thanks for the game.

P.S. I'd made a translation gladly but it doesn't recognizes the alien dialects (cyrillic letters).

P.P.S. Sorry for the typos, my kyeabrdo isinensa.

Edited 9 years ago
Forum » Driftmoon. My IMHO on the game.

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