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Forum » [Driftmoon] A new mod! The journey of Albert the monk!

[Driftmoon] A new mod! The journey of Albert the monk!

AceMatt 11 years ago
This is a new mod which is being developed by me,I started making it 1 month ago but I don't have that much free time so I can't make any huge changes or updates to my maps on a regular basis.
I'll be releasing a preview in a matter of 2 weeks.

The story revolves around a monk called Albert,he has been taught by the Holy Order in the Merciful Creek about the All-seeing One and is currently trying to learn more about him. One day,while in midst of study,the Merciful Creek was attacked by the Bhan Union. Albert manages to escape his gory destiny by entering a series of secret tunnels.Once he got out,he ventured off to Islan'Qu - the largest and most sought after island there was.While traveling he experiences unimaginable trials and tribulations given to him by the All-seeing One.Albert could not live through the challenges that he was facing so the All-seeing One wiped his memory whole cause he was deemed not worthy.Albert's body is found by the Ironscale Bandits and they drag him off to the Northern Wastes,where the game begins...
The rest of the story is you know.. in the mod and stuff.

There are currently two factions in the mod,The Turnbolt Pact lords (the leader being King Turner) and the Bhan Union (the leader being Bhan Ivan).

The maps are still W.I.P. but I'm making progress!

1.) The Ironscale Jail
First map. You are located in a jail which is located near the Ironscale underground base,you wake up and you are confronted by the Warden. The rest is going to be revealed in the mod,I don't want to give any spoilers out!

1.a.) Dreamworld
When you rest for the first time,you meet up with the All-seeing One who is trying to tell you how to redeem yourself to him.

2.) Tu'ran village
A snowy,cold,small village located in the Northern wastes.You will meet a majority of citizens there with their own unique dialogue.

2.a.) The Condemned Dungeon
A unique dungeon located right in Tu'Ran village. It's filled with treasure,riddles and other nonsense.

The other maps are still W.I.P.

Other mechanics

I will be introducing a brand new skill set and a crafting system. The way you craft is you approach an anvil (will be available in every area) and if you have the right amount of items you will able to craft a series of weapons and handy tools! (Swords,bows,staves,unique torches..)

Just one for now.

Edited 11 years ago
Anne 11 years ago
Hi AceMatt! Sounds cool, can't wait to try it out!
Forum » [Driftmoon] A new mod! The journey of Albert the monk!

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