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Cyberius 20 years ago
i was just curious as to which programming language you used to make this game. in an earlier thread you said that you made magebane 1 in VB3, so would it be so wrong to assume that you used VB6 to make this one? if so, i think you've just made history, i've never seen a game of this quality made in VB before. one more thing, if you did use VB, chances are you used a third party 3D engine, if so, what's it called and where can i get it?
this is a great game and im throughly enjoying playing it, keep up the good work.
ville 20 years ago

Sorry to disappoint you, but I parted with Visual Basic with the completion of Magebane 1. I've used C++ ever since I made The Forge, and this game too is programmed with C++. The game uses my own 3D engine, I don't know of any good engines for VB. But it's not that difficult to make an engine, there are a lot of tutorials on the web that can help you.
Forum » programming language

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