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Grand Thef Magebane 2??

neorevenge 18 years ago
I just downloaded this game and finished it (pretty nice game but a little short) and i just wonder if anyone noticed that the game engine its the same as GTA 2 (even when you win or die there is the same close up when you die in GTA)anyways nice game but the finish screen needs a little fix (white text in a white image you get the point) besides that it was a good game.
Crazy 18 years ago
uhh.... i think your a bit off there...
Grim Reaper 18 years ago
The engine might be SIMILAR to that of GTA2's, but I'm pretty sure Ville did the engine himself.
ville 18 years ago
Yes, however, the GTA2 engine was also coded by me.

There may be similarities, I did play GTA2 at the time.
LunaticNeko 18 years ago
They've quite the same algorithm. But there are something different....

GTA2 Engine: Made by a big company
MB2 Engine: Lone Programmer
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