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"You're what...?!"

Zombie 18 years ago
Okay. Here is where I am announcing a new book I am planning. I'm writing a book about being a transsexual in high school.

I plan for a trilogy-like thing... Should flow like so:

1) Freshman and Sophomore years
2) Junior year
3) Senior year

Anyway, it's not just going to be about being trans in high school... It will also talk about my experiences and people at high school.

The title I am planning is "You're what...?!" - High School as a Transsexual. The subtitle, will be: Like memoirs but cooler.

You can all thank Meghann Marco, author of the Field Guide to the Apocalypse. She rocks so hard. Buy her book if you havn't.

Hey, us writers have to stick together.

Ask questions, peoples. Talk to me.[/url]
The Gemini 18 years ago
Great that someone writes a controversial book. I'm looking forward to reading it
HarmlessHermit 18 years ago
A Trilogy memoir thing? Sounds cool...

*Jealous at not having anything worth writing about in my own life*
Crazy 18 years ago
I oughta write one about scaring people. I seem to be good at it, even if im not trying...

And how do you plan to publish it?
HarmlessHermit 18 years ago
Do you plan on publishing it?
I guess that's kind of a stupid question because hardly anyone besides people who write books for a living can confidently say "I'm going to publish it." before it's even written.
Inane 18 years ago
If you do write it and get a publisher, best of luck. But that typa' thing ain't my typa' book.

(It also seems like something that would be on "The Daily Show". Y'know, the one with John Stewart?)
HarmlessHermit 18 years ago
I didn't quite catch your drift there. Not that I watch "The Daily Show".
As a sort of novel-type journal, this would work well, but you know...
Ah, I guess you don't. Neither do I.
MageKing17 18 years ago
"HarmlessHermit" said:
I didn't quite catch your drift there. Not that I watch "The Daily Show."
I do, and he's right.

The key thing is to just keep writing. Write constantly. If you feel like not writing, screw it and write anyway. You don't have to keep everything you write, but the more you have the more you can draw on for the final version. Just keep that in mind.

Also, don't care what the reader might think when they read it. Just care how it feels to you. You can worry about the reader when you're doing the final revision.
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