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Forum » MiniMod contest: Horde

MiniMod contest: Horde

Inane 18 years ago
  1: All identifiers for entries start with unique Mod code (A number). 
if entry is from default notrium, mod code is 1 or 2, so if the thing from the default mod has an identifier of 4 you would put 104
Modcodes with only 1 digit must have 0 added to them until the entry is above eleven (108, 109, 110)
2: Any entries submitted after deadline will still be assimilated, but not entered for the contest
3: Finished entries are sent to me at my email
4: A short description of the modification is posted in the email or here

Entry specific:
Theme: Horde
Rules & Requirements:
1: Victory is time-limit or kill ammount based
2: Atleast 1 non-default creature graphic for enemy
3: 1-3 areas
4: (as the name implies) enemies must be spawning in all areas

Please post ideas (new general rules, next tournaments theme) in the 'A proposal!' thread, although anything else can go here

Deadline is February 12.

If you are entering in the mini-mod competition, please state your reserved code in this thread. Mine is 42(*47).

Allllllso: Any hub for your mod will be discarded and the transporter will be moved to the official one (unless your hub design is better).
If you do not supply a transporter I will make one for you, but that's a hassle, so please make one and make sure it works.

Mod codes taken:
47(*Dammit, MK, I thought you had 47 - Inane)

Okay, that's done with.

!One last note! Terrain Types do not have to have the default mods Mod Code before the identifier.
MageKing17 18 years ago
February twelfth? Hmm, I'm not sure I can finish it by then... Well, I'll give it a shot. I'll start tomorrow, since it's almost midnight here. Good luck, everyone!
Inane 18 years ago
"MageKing17" said:
February twelfth? Hmm, I'm not sure I can finish it by then...
The 26th might be possible depending on when I go to yellow stone, otherwise someone else will have to be the 'leader' of this project.
MageKing17 18 years ago
I'll just aim for the twelfth. If I don't get it done by then, it either means it will never be done or it's so close to being done I'll only need a few more days.
Inane 18 years ago
I don't think this worked out very well .

I won't be here on the deadline, and all I've done is made 4 enemies and 5 items.
The Gemini 18 years ago
Me neither. I'm going to my mountaincabin for slalom tomorrow, and will get back on sunday. I have only made 2 enemies...
MageKing17 18 years ago
I think we can just dub this a failure, then. It seems the community just can't be arsed to make minimods. ;P
Forum » MiniMod contest: Horde

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