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driftmoon crash

hintton (guest) 10 years ago
Every time I try to run driftmoon or notrium, my computer crashes and I see a lot of different colored squares on my screen. Why this happens? my graphics card should be working fine, at least im not experiencing this on any other games. I have windows vista home premium, intel Q9550 processor and ati radeon 4870 X2 graphics..
ville 10 years ago
Strange, considering that Driftmoon and Notrium don't even use the same graphics library. The fact that the crash appears in such different games leads me to believe that it's not a problem with either of the games, but possibly they are using some feature of your computer that has broken. I would first try force-reinstalling DirectX, and then installing new graphics drivers for your Radeon. If neither of those helps, it may be a hardware issue. The colored squares could be a sign of an overheating graphics card.

I hope that helps!
Forum » driftmoon crash

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