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damn swamp

Facechild 20 years ago
i just downloaded megabane 2 (wow ive played every game but this 1) and i can't get passed those stupid witches even if one sees me it kicks my ass royaly, is ther any special ability i could use to kick THIER asses? thanx
The Facechild
ville 20 years ago
Map 4, the two mages guarding the hut? It's easy, just try to lure one out of there and kick it's ass first. Then the other. Or you can fool the other to only hit your fighter monk (which should have invulnerability), and kill the other with the remaining monks.
B0rsuk 19 years ago
Another way is to kill shooting mage first, then run away, heal, cast protectus, and smite the summoner with divine bolt once in a while. You can run away as long as you want.... but it takes time and is very boring.
Marevix 19 years ago
It's also much easier if you're fighting them outside the house.
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