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Vacuus 10 years ago
Strange that this forum still has pretty much the same userbase as 6-8 years ago.

I've very recently decided to enter the blogging world for the first time -- most of my work is done at, well, work and as such I don't get a lot of opportunities to share it. I figure a blog is a good way to discuss what I'm doing and maybe help someone out down the line.

Mainly I'll be discussing my various programming enterprises, but I might go off on a tangent and post about the car alarm I'm building from a Raspberry Pi, or retro-fitting modern fuel systems to cars from the '70's from time to time

There isn't much on there at the moment, but by all means take a look -

I'm also not a web designer by any stretch -- so if I'm doing it wrong, or if you have any comments - let me know!

Edited 10 years ago
E_net4 10 years ago
Neat. Come along and join the group of blog-tongue speakers (and perhaps a few more I might've missed).

But heh, that feels rather empty right now. I mean... it's as empty as a blog can get... Let us know when new content arrives, so that we get to understand your writing style and topic range.

Edited 10 years ago
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