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Against All Authority - Afterlight

Petrenko 9 years ago
Hi there,

i restarted my mod. (My Laptop will never come back. Fuck it. Had lots of Ressources.)

All progress will be shown here:

Also i'm searching for people who want to work with me. Even big concept-changes etc. are welcome. (Keep it Urban but change Story/Background "Zombies" etc.) I just want to get something fun to play and honestly i lack creativity in certain points also my nurse apprenticeship consumes much time.

What i need most now are basic framework for scripts/maps etc.

So feel welcome to contribute. I desperatly need a team - it's more fun and progresses faster.

PM me at Moddb or write here.

P.S.: I could also "Trade" like do some mapping/scripting/texturing/Sound"ing" for your mod!
ville 9 years ago
Awesome! It's already a great mod, can't wait to see what you can come up with.
Petrenko 9 years ago
Some Progress Regarding Mapping.

I started modding in the last two days and made this.



Petrenko 9 years ago
Also i'm still looking for people to help out.

Any skill is accepted and i could also teach a bit^^

When i'm satisfied with maps i'll need to start making npc and enemies from scrath. (Hate it)

Then i'll annoy ville and his wife as much as i can to get some tips regarding script-environment.

Petrenko 9 years ago
New Version Up.

No Questline etc anymore. Just a showcase of my mapping-disablities.
Narvius 9 years ago
Hey, this actually looks good.
HJoe (guest) 9 years ago
I downloaded it yesterday. Do I get it right, currently you can "only" walk around and picking up stuff, but not interaction / battling with other NPCs? ( i only saw one riot char to beat and nobody else).

thank you.

btw on the startin scene the arrows you cxan pick up have some script error.
Also I accidently blocked some ways by also accidently shifting those big wooden boxes on the up* down* writings such that I cant climb ladders anymore. When put in a corner I cannot really shift
those boxes anymore and thus locking my self on that roof.
Just to let you know, no offense intended.
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