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A few things...

reaver894 11 years ago
1: I know Ville is a member of the DD site and he may be interested in this

2: How is driftmoon progressing? I have not been around too much lately so thought Id ask.
ville 11 years ago
Great, that's nice to know! They were eager to distribute Driftmoon back in the summer, but their 3 year rule prevented it. Who knows, you might soon see Driftmoon on GOG!

Driftmoon is progressing well! A couple of months ago we decided to add plenty of polish and fine tuning to the current areas before progressing to the final areas, so we haven't had a chance to release the new monastery area yet. But it's coming soon, we have a deadline set for it!

After that it should be smooth sailing adding the last levels (Famous last words).
reaver894 10 years ago
note to self, check back on forum posts.

Thank you Ville.
Forum » A few things...

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