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Anonymous1157's Mod

Redemption 17 years ago
From some of your posts I gather that you are/were working on a mod that doesn't work anymore.

I'm bored, so feel free to give information on what's wrong with it, I'll help.

Some possible questions:
Do you want/need help?
Do you still have the mod?
Have you given up?
What were you last working on?
Do you have a debug_start.txt file?
What happens when you start the mod?
If it crashes, does it do so when you try to play the mod, or when Notrium starts?

I'll help as best as I can.
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
Those are actually old posts. I'm not doing anything right now, but I'll answer all your questions anyways.

A) No thanky.
B) One of them.
C) Pretty much.
D) The Return to Ship mod.
E) Before I reformatted again, yes.
F) I move around, but I can't get to other areas.
G) When I try to start the mod.

I would naught require your assistance were I working on any of these anymore. I know what was wrong. Area class IDs, IIRC? You must have missed that one post where I recieved the answer to my problems.
Forum » Anonymous1157's Mod

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